Happiness does not come from outside or from the circumstances that we find ourselves. Happiness comes from within us. This is based on how we tackle our problems and live our everyday lives. For you to know what happiness is all about, you need to first of all ask yourself this question. ‘what is happiness to me?’ The answer to this question is very vital to seeking and maintaining your inner bliss.

The categorisation of happiness differs from one person to another. For some people happiness could mean having a nice cup of tea with a friend. For others it could mean receiving a phone call or visit from their kids. Our definition of happiness should not only depend on our past life experiences or the behaviour of others. It should depend on how we value ourselves and not letting anyone change that mindset.

Helen Keller said “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” This is inherent in human nature. We have the choice to make on any experience that we have lived. You don’t need to have more positive experiences than negative to feel happy. It’s how you integrate all of these experiences and think of it as a learning process in the journey of life – since they are all useful and necessary.

Some few months ago, I told you the story of Nayella and what she did to turn her painful experience into a success story. Nayella did not let the negative events in her life ruin her. Rather, she looked for something positive in her negative experience. In the midst of her negative experiences, the best thing she did was to look for something positive to bring her back to the present moment.  Her oldest son saying  ‘we will be there for you mama’ – triggered the response she had been waiting for. Those seven words changed her entire life and her approach to handling difficult situations from that day henceforth.

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When we go searching for happiness outside ourselves, we end up creating a gap that makes us more distant from ourselves and the natural happiness that is inherent in us. Some people go to the extent of searching happiness by living a superficial life. You cannot be happier by going in for pleasure sensations.

Happiness is more of psychological than physical. This can be obtained if we develop the ability to listen more to ourselves, distancing ourselves from the sensational pleasures that has engulfed our lives and learn to live by fulfilling our true needs.

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