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Was it love at first glance? A Romantic Valentine’s Day Story

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February 7, 2021
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February 21, 2021

Was it love at first glance? A Romantic Valentine’s Day Story

14th of February is considered by many couples as the feast day for lovers, in which they plan to spend pleasant and romantic moments together. They exchange sweet words as proof of their love, or offer red roses which are like the emblem of passion and love. Most lovebirds or couples tend to make this day exceptional, memorable and beautiful.

The article today is romantic love story from Tia. Enjoy her story and have a lovely Valentine’s Day if you are celebrating.

Tia’s Story: As for my husband and I, we have it as a routine to start the morning by having breakfast in bed. This is accompanied by discussing our past and some of the enchanting things that have happened in our marriage that are worth remembering.

While at work, we continue to exchange love messages. He has taken it as a tradition to send something special to my office on this day if it falls on a working day. Most common are heart-shaped chocolates or a fresh bouquet of red roses.

After work, we go for a long walk along the beach. It is worthy to note that my husband and I first met besides a beach on a sunny afternoon. So this walk brought back sweet memories of how he held my hands to support me from falling off some slippery rocks.

At the time he was quite a stranger just caring and helping me on those slippery rocks. That evening, he kept my spirits high by telling me sweet stories of his adventurous life. He was just too romantic and not the type of man that a woman will want to let go.

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Let’s analyse some of the romantic things my husband and I do on Valentine’s Day. After the walk, we go back home and freshen up. I will make myself beautiful, refine my makeup to get ready for a romantic evening in a restaurant just a few miles away from home.

A Valentine’s evening has been organised by this restaurant with a special musical group to jazz up the place. My husband usually books a table in advance at a specific corner in their well lit garden.

While at the restaurant, we place an order for our favourite dish which is the restaurant’s specialty in addition to their house-special wine. After the dessert, we exchange symbolic gifts to end our evening while chatting and listening to the live music.

We usually walk to this restaurant because their house-special wine is just too good and we couldn’t resist the urge to get a little tipsy. By the end of the evening, we will make a decision if to walk home or call a cab.

At home, we wash off the wine by relaxing in the tub filled with warm water. I usually buy a special lingerie before that day. I can remember my husband telling me after our beach meeting that ‘I spent most days talking about my beautiful red lingerie’. 

With some romantic music in the background, lights off, candles lit, improvise strip dance, sensual massage and tender kisses make everything feel like our first time meeting. I rarely remember what happens before we go to bed and after. All I know is that it’s always been a memorable Valentine’s day since we got married six years ago.

I always love to relive this moment. It may be different from the one you have, but it is always a good idea for couples to choose what they want to do on this day to make it a memorable one.

Thanks Tia for sharing your beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day story with us today. Stay safe everyone and have a lovely day x

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur

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