Music has always been part of me as I carry out my daily activities. I play music when I need motivation, when I want to get my mind off something or when I am going to bed. My Saturdays are musically awesome when I am doing cleaning with the kids. My last-Friday-of-the-month walk from work to home with music is one of my best days in the month.

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Walking with music will not only spice up your exercise routine but will increase your momentum. It helps me to concentrate more on my walking rather than the pressures and problems of life.

A Mums Guide To Living A Simpler Life
A Mums Guide To Living A Simpler Life

I create my selection of walking songs making sure the rhythm matches with the speed of my workout. With my laptop backpack armed with an external USB charging and earphone port, I know I am in for a long music walk. Volume control set at a sensible level so that I can get any sound or danger approaching for my safety. Very necessary for you are supposed to hear what is happening around you.

Walking with music is most welcoming when you want to take a solitary walk. When you walk alone, your pace and steps may end up to become shorter without you knowing. Listening to music as you walk will step up your pace and boost you up to move along with the beats.

Music is a great motivator when walking. It turns your miles into songs and before you know it, you have walked a distance you would not have walked without it. You just need to workout the play-list to your walk. I usually reserve my favorite music around the most difficult stages of my workout route.

When I walk with music on, I rarely get distracted and that makes me not to feel exhausted. It helps to change my mood and my self-awareness level becomes high. It improves my workouts and makes me beat the miles. However, do not overwork yourself by listening to good music. Set your targets and don’t over do. Walk your way into the new year with music and keep the rhythm as you beat the miles.

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