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Understanding Jealousy and 4 Tips to Help Overcome this Feeling

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October 27, 2020
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November 8, 2020

Understanding Jealousy and 4 Tips to Help Overcome this Feeling

We live in a world where some people tend to use their insecurities by repressing and trying to outshine those around them with the aim of making it to the top. Understanding jealousy and 4 tips to help overcome this feeling will be discussed in this article.

The occurrence of jealousy can create a lot of conflicts amongst co-workers, friends, and relationships leading to envy and bitterness.

At one point, jealousy can result from envy.

The first form of jealousy occurs when someone has qualities that you feel threatened by it. Are they more sociable, outgoing, fun, entertaining and can easily make friends? Is that something you had wished for? This can create a strain in any non-committed relationship.

Rather than feeling envious of someone which is toxic and energy-draining, could this feeling not be replaced by a compliment or a simple congratulatory message?

On the other hand, the second form of jealousy is when your friend or partner does something, which you do not like, and you go the extra mile to “punish” him/her with no regrets.

Jealousy can only arise when you feel inferior in whatever form.

We will all feel vulnerable at some point in our lives. This might arise when we do not feel good enough; or we believe that others are better than us, thereby making us to have little confidence in ourselves or even stay in any committed relationship.

Everyone is jealous at some point.

Everyone sometimes wishes to be a little more like someone else and a little less than themselves. However, there is always a low level of self-confidence behind this.

While some suffer only temporarily – jealousy is almost an exception – and others might have to struggle with this jealous feeling daily. Self-confidence and knowing your worth are the crucial components here.

You know who you are, what you can do, what you are worth.

Yes, you can be satisfied with yourself; you don’t have to compete with others, you don’t owe them any justifications for your actions, and you don’t even have to be jealous. Have confidence in yourself and use positive affirmations to help rewire your thoughts and negative self-beliefs.

Jealousy in a partnership

Jealousy is a common phenomenon, especially in partnerships. Of course, there is also a reason for this: the fear of losing your partner. Often, the cause of jealousy can be reduced by communicating your feelings to your partner.

Examples of where jealousy can occur: Your partner often goes for a drink with his best friends without you or comes home late when you have been taking care of the kids. Not to mention the effects of social media when they have liked someone else’s picture on Instagram.

As you can see from these examples, jealousy occurs when we feel insecure or inadequate. Know your worth and stop letting people play with your emotions. Jealousy in a partnership can be reduced by overcoming the fear of loss and separation. And that is only possible if you leave your self-doubts behind.

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Fight jealousy over the long term

So, jealousy is based on low self-esteem. Consequently, it can also be combated by building on your self-esteem.

Now you are probably wondering how can this be achieved?

First, you need to strengthen your personality.

You can start by becoming independent from others and not letting what they say or do to bother you. Learn to deal with the fact that others might not always do what you like and can be better at something than yourself.

Do what you’re good at and do what defines you because you are great at something and there should be no reason for you to be jealous of others.

4 tips against acute jealousy

Jealousy and self-confidence are mutually dependent. But even if you are blessed with particularly high self-esteem or have learned to deal with your jealousy, there will be situations in which you will find it difficult to remain calm. Then, however, the following four tips will help you.

Recognise jealousy

A vital skill in fighting jealousy is recognising it.

As soon as you have recognised the uncomfortable feeling, you can take appropriate countermeasures. If not, jealousy will overwhelm you sooner or later and you will no longer be able to think clearly and will be controlled by the feeling.

Recognise the source of jealousy

If you find yourself feeling jealous, you should immediately take a step backward. Take a few deep breaths in and out and ask yourself where the feeling is coming from. Take a neutral look at the trigger. You may notice that it is not as bad as you thought a few seconds ago.

Relaxation beats jealousy

If jealousy is on the rise, it can be extremely useful to carry out short relaxation exercises. What sounds a bit esoteric at first, but ultimately mostly promises an enormous improvement in the negative feeling.

Close your eyes briefly and loosen up. Allow your shoulders to drop and relax , roll your neck in a circle, and relax your facial features. In this way, you can actively and sustainably accept any negative feelings (not just jealousy).

Take mental countermeasures

You have recognised the jealousy, you know where it is originating, and you have relaxed yourself physically. Now you should also take some mental countermeasures. As you already know, jealousy is a feeling caused by low self-esteem. Therefore, your focus now should be on strengthening your self-esteem.

Remind yourself who you are and what you can do, and that there is no reason for you to be jealous.

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Hope this post on understanding jealousy and 4 tips to help overcome this feeling was useful to you. Thanks for reading and do join the conversations in the comments section below.

See you in the next post x

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur

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