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It is time for you to show unconditional love to yourself

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December 9, 2020
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December 22, 2020

It is time for you to show unconditional love to yourself

Some people do all they can to show love to others but rarely do anything to love themselves too in the process. Self may seem broad because it may mean anything to each and everyone of us. I know people who have sacrificed a lot for their children or family and see it as “themselves”. However, I am talking about unconditional love to yourself.

Mothers are a great example of people who show more love to others than themselves. I am not asking you to stop showing love to others, but to also do so by showing love to yourself. If you love yourself, you will love others more and everyone will be happy.

I don’t think I am good enough

When you start thinking that you do not have what it takes to achieve anything in life, this feeling will welcome depression. You need to stop criticising yourself and accept exactly who you are. Changes come in two ways – positive or negative – and everybody changes. However, when you start to criticise yourself, your changes become negative. On the other hand, if you approve yourself, it becomes positive. Train the mind to see the good in every situation.

Be kind to yourself

As mothers, we are always kind to others and not ourselves. For you to be kind to others, you need to first of all show love for yourself by being kind towards you. Mothers are very busy and most often forget about making out some time for themselves. When you are kind to yourself, your mind and body becomes strong and healthy too. Take good care of yourself, love, respect, forgive and recognise yourself.

Forgive your mistakes

The past usually troll us each time we are sad or face difficult moments. Be careful to not let your past to disrupt and break down your future. Let go of it as soon as it starts haunting you. You did what you could at that time and that was the best you could do. You have to accept that things have changed and you have to live life differently. When you forgive your past and those that have hurt you, you show unconditional love to yourself.

Speak up. Speak out

It’s time for you to give yourself a new voice. A time for you to speak up for yourself. Don’t be scared. Tell yourself to stop terrorising you with your thoughts. Fear will make people to stay silent and not to speak out against injustice. When you are scared, or feel you don’t have that voice to speak out, stand in front of a mirror, find your voice and pour out what’s bothering you. The next time you’re faced with same issue, it will be easier to speak up for yourself.

Be kind to your mind

A healthy mind is a happy body. Be physically active and safe your mind from unhealthy thoughts. Wipe off thoughts of self-hate and use your brain for critical thinking. Everyone of us have once in a while passed through difficult times, but that should not stop or keep us away from having positive thoughts. You can gently change any self-hating thoughts into more positive and life-affirming ones. The power is in you! Change your thinking and change your mind.

Praise and support yourself

When a lizard falls from the wall, it looks left and right and shakes its head as if to shower self-praise. You don’t need someone to praise you to be happy. Praise yourself as much as you can because it builds you and your inner spirit up. Even if you fail, acknowledge that you started and only you can stop or find new ways to make you become successful. Support yourself by loving your negatives. It releases them off you.

When you can’t show love to yourself, you can easily become sad and insecure. Showing unconditional love for yourself doesn’t mean you are self-centred. This comes in when you think or believe that you need others attention to feel complete and happy. That’s not the best approach to love yourself.

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Self-love may not be about buying new outfits or taking a vacation. It is loving yourself fully and completely without any external factors. Showing this love for yourself will support, heal, help and empower you. The end goal is that you find health, wholeness, peace and self-empowerment. To be empowered means to positively change our lives and to make the world a better place.

Thanks for reading and do join the conversations in the comments section below. Stay safe. Stay Positive and see you in the next post.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


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