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Top 20 Inspiring Quotes from Chadwick Boseman- Black Panther Actor dies of cancer aged 43

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August 25, 2020
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Top 20 Inspiring Quotes from Chadwick Boseman- Black Panther Actor dies of cancer aged 43

Chadwick Boseman was a famous US actor, best known for his lead role in the Black Panther. He was diagnosed with colon cancer 4 years ago and he died on August 28, 2020 as announced on social media by his family. I’ve put together 20 inspiring quotes from him to help us reflect on his life.

News of his passing away has shocked the whole world. I am still in awe of how he continued with ‘business as usual’ while undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments for his cancer. This speaks volume of his mental strength.

Chadwick Boseman, Wakanda, the Black Panther actor is a true fighter and I will be sharing his top 20 inspiring quotes that could help in your life as well.

Chadwick Boseman (photo credit his Facebook page)
  1. “You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure”.
  2. “There’s nothing more stressful than your stomach growling. But interestingly enough, some of my best writing came when I was poor and hungry – living off water and oatmeal, mind clear”.
  3. “I would go through these cycles of being really, really focused on work, and not being around anyone, to being around everyone. And that could be distracting. It was nothing or everything”.
  4. “When you play characters, you should not just be putting on their characters – you should be finding it inside yourself”.
  5. “I’m not afraid to work”.
  6. “Nobody has to give me permission to write”.
  7. “People don’t want to experience change; they just want to wake up, and it’s different”.
  8. “When you pray for something, it can actually happen and that is powerful”.
  9. “Sometimes you need to get knocked down before you can really figure out what your fight is and how you need to fight it”.
  10. “When you are deciding on next steps, next jobs, next careers, further education, you should rather find purpose than a job or career. Purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you”.
  11. “Your very existence is wrapped up in things you need to fulfil. Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose”.
  12. “You’re not free unless you can show the good and the bad, all sides of them. So to me, when I play a character, it’s important that I can show every aspect of them”.
  13. “The only difference between a hero and a villain is that the villain chooses to use that power in a way that is selfish and hurts other people”.
  14. “Savor the taste of your triumphs today, don’t just swallow them all whole without digesting what is actually happening here. Look down over what you conquered and appreciate what God has brought you through”.
  15. I don’t know what the future is, but if you are willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes, the one that’s ultimately proven to have more victory, more glory, then you will not regret it. This is your time”.
  16. “The best advice about getting older? Just be thankful you’re not dead”.
  17. ” I think you realize how much you need to have people that you love. It’s not as much about them loving you – it’s about you needing to love people”.
  18. “Fearlessness means taking the first step, even if you don’t know where it will take you. It means being driven by a higher purpose, rather than an applause. It means knowing that you reveal your character when you stand apart, more than when you stand with the crowd”.
  19. ” I was raised in a sort of village. I have a huge family, and I think there is strength in that. It helped me to deal with some of the complications of living in the South because I always felt like I belonged, no matter what”.
  20. “You might have one thing in your head, but the things you’re doing don’t really lead down the right road, necessarily. When you’re young, you don’t want to hear that. You think you can do everything, be all things”.

Hope you enjoyed these 20 inspiring quotes from Chadwick Boseman the black Panther actor. Fancy reading more quotes? Here is another 25 from Kobe Bryant

Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant as pictured on Chadwick’s Facebook page when Kobe passed away.
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