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Some Curiosities and Benefits of Farting (Passing Wind).

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August 3, 2020
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August 18, 2020

Some Curiosities and Benefits of Farting (Passing Wind).

Last week on Facebook, I asked a question about farting which sparked a lot of laughter. My 8YO son made a statement how ‘farts are better out than in’. I have never laughed so much in my life!!!! I was in bits, so I decided to write this article today to highlight the health benefits and some curiosities around farting.

‘Passing wind’ when you are walking with someone outdoors is not so bad, because the same effect would be worse in a closed room or a stuffy jam-packed train/bus.

I am hoping you would chuckle a bit while reading this post because I have had big tummy laughs while writing it.

Farts, in addition to smelling bad, and sometimes sounding like a bang (good or bad), are beneficial to health. And yes, we all know the relieve when it is out because it alleviates that uneasy feeling because behind every fart, loud or silent, there are lots of benefits to our health and wellbeing.

So, without further ado, lets highlight some of the health benefits of farting/’passing wind’.

1. The smell is good for health

According to a study, published in the Royal Society of Chemistry and carried out in collaboration between the University of Exeter and University of Texas confirmed the fact that breathing your fart or hydrogen sulphide in tiny and small amounts helps us prevent future illnesses. The body protects itself during the process, the smell reduces symptoms of dementia including, cerebrovascular accident, and heart attack damage. Hydrogen sulphide is the gas that smells like rotten eggs.

2. Balance the diet

Each food we eat produces different types of gases that can be a warning to know what is missing or what needs to be added to your diet. If your fart smells awfully bad, it is probably due to excessive consumption of red meat.

3. It is synonymous with having good intestinal flora

Some foods like onions, cabbage including spouts give up lots of gases during the digestive process, and that is undeniable, but at the same time, they strengthen the intestinal flora. The microorganisms in these foods cause gases to be released, and their presence favours the digestion and absorption of micronutrients.

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4. It is an alert system

As a curiosity, an average person passes an average 14 of farts a day. Being a normal thing, a variation in its frequency, quantity, or smell can alert us to bigger problems. Even the smell can warn us of other diseases.

5. Avoid colon problems

According to an article published in the prestigious Women’s Health Magazine in which several doctors were in attendance, squeezing the sphincter to retain the sacred act of farting can cause colon problems. So, as highlighted by my son; ‘it is better out than in’

6. Reduces swelling

The bloating created by a large meal is not dangerous, but it hinders activity and prevents proper intestinal transit. If you feel bloated, fart it out.

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7. Farts can be measured

Farts can be measured, yes. The researchers use a ‘rectal catheter.’ A kind of tube is inserted through the bum to determine the volume of gas that is produced during the act of farting.

8. Farts have a history

The first quote I have found on the internet about farting is from Hippocrates, who stated that “passing gas is necessary for wellbeing.” The Roman emperor Claudius declared that “all Roman citizens will be allowed to pass gas when necessary.” The ancient Japanese are said to have farting competitions too.

Hitler was also famous for his farts. He was taking 28 different medications a day, which made his flatulence smell awfully bad.

That will be all for now (smiley face). Hope this post was fun and educational at the same time because of the highlighted health benefits of farting.

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Have a great day and see you in the next post x

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Gemma says:

    This is definitely the funniest post I’ve read in a while. I also can’t believe that the smell of farts is actually good for our health! An insightful post that made me chuckle. Thanks. 🙂

    Gemma x


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