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Simple Exercises To Train Your Mind Everyday And Be Smarter

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March 27, 2020
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April 4, 2020

Simple Exercises To Train Your Mind Everyday And Be Smarter

Did you know that you can train your mind by making subtle changes in your daily routine to be more alert and smarter? The post today will highlight some mental exercises that you can carry out in your day to day life to make you a vibrantly smarter person with a healthier mind that can easily remember things.

Just as we go to the gym to train our body, we should not neglect our mind. The brain also needs to be trained, and this is not only possible by doing hundreds of puzzles or reading dozens of books a week. There are many mental exercises you can do in your day to day activities to train your mind and be smarter.

The good thing is that these mental exercises do not take time: they can be part of your daily routine; they just need subtle changes in your easy to do and even fun habits. For example, brushing your teeth with one hand or the other can make you smarter.

These neurobic exercises are also called the brain gymnastics. It consists in subjecting your brain to new experiences combining the different senses to stimulate the connections between different brain regions. All these exercises improve memory and delay the effects of mental aging.

Try some of these mental exercises, and over time you will notice the difference:

Brush your teeth with your other hand:

Are you right-handed? Start brushing your teeth with your left hand, and the same goes for lefties: from now on with your right. This includes picking up and opening the toothpaste with the other hand.

Close your eyes while you shower:

By showering with your eyes closed, you will notice more textures invisible to the human eye with your hands, sending messages to your brain. Try to do the exercise completely: find and turn on the tap with your eyes closed, and shower without opening your eyes. It is fun. Just give it a go.

Alternate your morning routine:

This novelty is good for our mind: it increases brain activity in different areas. Try to alternate your morning routine, for example, take a different route to go to work, change the order of your tasks, listen to the radio instead of watching television, there are many simple ways to give your morning a little change in its novelty.

Change your place at the table:

Normally each member of the family has their place at the table. Something as simple as changing sits helps exercise your mind. You will see the room from another perspective, giving activity to your brain.

Discover the power of your smell:

It is positive for your mind to create links between smells and activities. Try to save a bottle containing a liquid with a fragrance that you like and smell it as soon as you get up. Your mind will take you back to the memories of all the nice events relating to that fragrance like your birthday, your first kiss etc.

Play with coins:

All that spare change has its use. Try to leave some coins in the pocket of your jacket and from time to time try to guess what the coin is worth without looking at it.

Recognising something without using your sight increases your brain activity.

Was this post useful? Which is the favourite exercise you will be trying today?

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Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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