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Signs to Identify a Stressed Family

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August 10, 2020
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August 25, 2020

Signs to Identify a Stressed Family

Recent studies published by the Mental Health Foundation, reported that 74% of the UK adult population have felt incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, and unable to cope at some point over the last year. The same is true for the USA where Healthline highlighted 80% of Americans said they have experienced at least one symptom of stress in the previous month. This trend is same all over the world and the post today will take you through some signs to identify a stressed family in addition to my top tips on how to cope to stress.

A stressed family has severe consequences for each of its members. The frustrations of an adult will influence to a greater extent on the stress levels of children. If you do not do something about it, the peace at home will become an environment where nobody will feel comfortable.

Living and be surrounded by tension is not suitable for anyone, hence it is necessary to solve any situation before it worsens. Stress is the evil of the 21st century, but we should not despair. A stressed family can get along if they seek help and remain proactive at all times.

Now, from your adult perspective, do you think family coexistence has become more complicated due to stress and the effects of this Covid-19 pandemic?

I hope you would be able to answer this question based on some of the facts which I will be sharing with you below.

Even an adult has a hard time getting rid of stress. The American Institute of Stress (AIS) and Healthline said our bodies need about 90 minutes to recover from a stressful situation.

All human beings are capable – to a greater or lesser extent – of minimalizing stress. For the sake of our children, we must lead by example and help them to manage their stress levels such that, little by little, they can face it while they grow older as this will reduce the impact on their lives.

So, what then are the the signs to identify a stressed family?

The signs of a stressed family

Sleep routines are disturbed.

One of the main consequences of stress is the drastic change in sleep habits. Lack of rest in family members causes anxiety and irritability. These last two conditions trigger discussions, lawsuits, and emotional tension in family.

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Screaming and verbal conflict are becoming more frequent.

The more intense the situation of a stressed family, the more screams, and disagreements. Softening the tone of voice and decreasing the volume, are effective actions in moments of alteration. In these circumstances, it is best to take a deep breathe, give and receive a hug.

Family members evade family dinner time.

When a person in the family is stressed, he or she tends to avoid family reunion moments. A good idea to combat this alarming signal is to create a pleasant moment during dinner. Have each person in the family write something positive about who is present at the table. Put each sentence in a basket and read it aloud before you start eating.

There are conflicts at work or school.

Stress affects the ability to focus and organise time. If someone in the family begins to show difficulties in carrying out work or academic activities, the situation requires attention.

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Daily routines are too hectic.

Running through life from activity to activity makes the family anxious. Stress and anxiety have physical consequences, such as muscle tension or digestive problems. Remember that you always can press the ‘pause button’ in the routine to take a deep breathe, recharge and then continue with your daily chores and activities.

Signs of stress in children.

Children can become more stressed than parents themselves if situations are not handled properly.

  • Changes in eating routine: eating much more or less than usual.
  • Trouble falling asleep and nightmares.
  • Abdominal and headaches.
  • Adverse interactions with parents, siblings, and peers.
  • Isolation from interactive situations.
  • A decrease in academic performance.

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Signs of stress in teens

Teenagers are not only stressed by family circumstances. Also, social life, extracurricular activities, and the changes they experience make them susceptible to stress.

  • Changes in sleep routines, diet, and daily activities.
  • Increase or appearance of risky behaviours (consumption of alcohol, nicotine, or other stimulants).
  • Constant symptoms of physical and emotional discomfort.
  • Teenagers constantly feel worried, sad, confused, anguish, and anger.

Signs of stress in adults

They often vary between men and women. The very common signs to identify any stressed family is to perceive the changes in typical attitudes and actions in each person.

  • Headache and back pain, weight gain or loss, and skin conditions.
  • Excessive concentration on the stressful situation.
  • Loss of memory and attention.
  • Lack of motivation for daily activities.
  • Problems in the relationship.
  • Excessive irritability, feelings of guilt and depression.

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If you notice any of these signs in your family, it is time to reverse conflicts and turn them into opportunities to live together. Proper communication and the ability to express yourself freely are essential to avoid having a family stressed and burdened by difficulties.

Hope this post will inspire you to go ahead and reduce the occurrence of stress within your family unit. The effects of Covid-19 is already affecting our interaction with others and our home should be the place where we can put all worries aside, be happy and be at ease. Mother Teresa said, ‘love begins at home’

That will be all for now (smiley face). Remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter such you do miss any latest blog article in addition to the offers from our range of products.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post x

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Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


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