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Short Stories of What Kept Us Going During 2020 Lockdown and Beyond

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September 27, 2020
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October 10, 2020

Short Stories of What Kept Us Going During 2020 Lockdown and Beyond

2020, a year to be remembered for all the generations to come. We are living in a very strange, weird and tough times. The aim of this post is to share with you some short stories of what kept us going during the Covid-19 2020 lockdown and beyond.  

I still remember that solemn evening when Boris Johnson made the announcement for a full lockdown in the UK. It all seems like a very bad dream. How did we get to this point? What did we do wrong? I hugged my kids so tight because it felt like we were going into a very nasty battle field.

The world around us suddenly looked so different compared to what it was just one year ago. Everyone is struggling in one way or the other to go with the flow and rhythm of life.

I miss the spontaneity of life and having to just walk into a pub and have a drink without looking over my shoulders. I also miss walking freely on the streets without the need to change my lane if someone coughs out loud either ahead or behind me.

The Covid-19 2020 lockdown has been a wakeup call to remind us that life is fragile and just too short. Let us take care of ourselves and those around us.

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During the lockdown, what kept me going was to meditate daily. I got my kids involved too. We will sit down quietly in our living room with the TV off and just listen to the birds or any other sounds of nature. It felt really peaceful and they loved it.

Everyone I have spoken to have something special to say about their 2020 Covid-19 lockdown experience hence the need I contacted other bloggers such they can share their short and inspiring stories of what kept them going this year. Follow what some of them had to say:

Shelley from Wander and Luxe

“One thing that has truly kept me grounded this year is exercise. I am not a gym bunny by any stretch, but I have always enjoyed exercising,” she said.

“At the start of lockdown, my Pilates studio was quick to adapt and provide online classes via Zoom.” Regular activities like cycling, walking, or running during such a time is a great way to keep you active and healthy.
“Twice a week I was committed to attending these live classes, and they ended up helping me to keep track of the days and time,” she said.

“With a toddler at home full time and my husband continuing to work, it was my small part of ‘self-care’ which helped me to stay grounded and carry on.” 

Many parents look for resources to keep their children healthy, active and safe. To some parents, it was a great time for them as they created a wonderful learning environment at home for their kids.

“I also did my absolute best to go for a long daily walk to keep up my step count.”

“The only other thing that allowed me to fully ‘zone out’ was to read some great chick lit.  I must admit, it is one of my guilty pleasure.  In a world with so much uncertainty and suffering, it was great to immerse myself into the characters and stories of these books and forget about everything for a little while. “

Many people took to books in order to limit the distractions from “breaking news”. It is one of the best times for you to create a family reading tradition if you have children at home. You can create quiet moments and encourage your kids to join you read in silence.

“I always tried to read a little before bed which allowed my mind to calm, switch off and then enjoy a restful night’s sleep,” she said.

Ngozi from Elevated Mums

“I started this year very optimistic that I would begin to live my purpose. I purchased planners, wrote out my goals, and started affirming greatness. I applied for a better paying job and got it, started blogging, and felt positive about the positive impact I could have in people’s lives,” she said.

Planning ahead of time helps you project your objectives and possible methods on how to achieve them. A plan helps you define your objectives, stay focus, meet deadlines as well as measure success.

“Then, the pandemic hit! I started my new job working from home, and my stress levels increased. Adding to the racial injustices, I began to ask God questions about whether this was what I was promised. It all seemed like too much to deal with,” she lamented.

“At the right time, a friend informed me about morning practises that could help me cope with stresses. I knew that the things she told me worked because I had practised some of them in the past. Unfortunately, I let my stress stop my practises which eventually led to me focusing on my situations than focusing on my goals.”

“Soon after, I started my morning routine of meditation, affirmations, visualisation, reading, journaling, and exercise. This has improved both my physical and mental health. I am better able to deal with my work, I am gaining knowledge from books I have read, and I am beginning to see my waistline again!”

Josie from Business for Mums 

“By starting our day with a dog walk kept us all going during lockdown. It would have been easy to just hang around in our PJs all day and not really do anything but getting up and out of the house to walk the dog at 9am every day kept us motivated to do the homeschooling too,” she said.

“Having a dog to look after also helped keep the kids entertained and active, I am so glad we decided to get one not long before lockdown!”

In such a period, owners of pets have a great time as they get to know each other more.

Jodie from Maidenhead Mum

“Having my 4 and 8-year-old at home with my husband, and I was a huge challenge. I was really worried about how we would both get our work done,” she said.

“But I was very aware of what a huge thing this was for them to process, so I made sure we had some routine to our day and that we did some fun things together despite lockdown. I think that helped me too – there certainly was not ever time for me to get bored!”

Catherine from Travel Around Ireland

“Knowing we were all together, safe and healthy kept us going. I was the only one going out for supplies during lockdown and did everything to ensure I returned as safe as possible,” she said.

Having a garden for our son to play in was a huge bonus as many families near us were stuck in apartments with young kids.”


Thanks for reading and these are all the short stories I gathered for you today (smiley face). Do remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter such you do not miss out on any of our empowering articles.

Hope these short and inspiring stories of what kept us going during the Covid-19 2020 lockdown and beyond will encourage you to stay positive, keep going and take each day at a time.

Now over to you…what kept you going during the 2020 lockdown?

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Knashz says:

    I could always use something to keep me going.
    Regardless of what happened in 2020, I feel great!

  2. Tammy says:

    Lots of great inspiration 🙂 It’s definitely been a tricky year to navigate but thank goodness for technology so we can still keep in touch with one another have encourage each to through each passing day. Knowing that this is something the world is dealing has brought a lot of communities together and it’s important to remember this isn’t something that is singular or exclusive. Everyone is going through the same experiences. Thanks for sharing these stories with us!

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