The dream of every parent is to ensure we have responsible children. We want our kids to be resilient, independent, kind, compassionate and above all be caring. Parents will take pride in knowing all the invested time, energy and resources actually paved the way for their children.

As children grow up, they turn to be less enthusiastic in doing the things they are asked to do. At the tender ages, they want to help their parents in their daily activities. You will always hear the ‘I am helping mum in the kitchen’ or ‘I am working with Dad in the garden’. When the time comes for them to genuinely start carrying out their responsibilities, that’s when their natural excitement dwindles.

As parents, we want to bring up responsible children as they grow up into adulthood. Every parent will say they want their kids “to be responsible” if asked what traits they will want from them. Being responsible children may mean different things to different people. Below are some of the things that parents will be expecting from their children when it comes to being responsible.

1. Are Reliable

  • People can count on you – this is one of the most important things when it comes to responsibility. You need to be dependable so that others can count on you.

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2. Accept mistakes

  • Acknowledging their mistakes – as parents, there are many instances that our children have refused to acknowlegde their mistakes but will be happy when accepting credits. Every parent will be happy to have a child who accepts having made mistakes and is ready to change.

3. Are accountable for their actions

  • This is not very different from the above. Not being accountable for your behaviour might indicate some degree of irresponsibly.

4. Meeting their commitments

  • At times, parents need to tell their kids repeatedly on a daily bases the tasks that they have been assigned to.  I would tell my son daily to brush his teeth before bed. The day I don’t he will be off to bed without brushing. It is a sign of responsibility when a child stays committed in carrying out his or her daily chores.

5. Keeping their word

  • Parents are happy when their children can keep their word. Children are fun of ‘I will never do it again’ but the next minute they are doing same. Once a child can promise and keep their words, it shows how responsible they are. You can count on them.

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6. Ability to do something without being told

  • At times parents might have to repeat a phrase to their kids several times to do something. You might have to ask them repeatedly to pack away their toys. Once a child starts doing things without being told, the parents become happy and knows he or she is becoming responsible.

There are many other traits that parents will wish to see in their children that defines them as ‘responsible children’. Don’t make the mistake of confusing obedience for responsibility. There are two different things. I will be writing a follow up article depicting the difference between responsibility and obedience within the next few weeks. Do bookmark this site such you don’t miss out.

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