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Mental Strength: 13 Signs You Are Stronger Than Average

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October 4, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Mental Strength: 13 Signs You Are Stronger Than Average

How do you deal with stress, problems, and worries? Some people seem to put aside such crises with ease, emerge stronger and look as if nothing could shake them. The is pure mental strength and the post today will take you though 13 signs to show how to be stronger than average.

On the other hand, some individuals struggle with every little problem, they see issues and difficulties where there may not be any and take everything too close to heart. Their vulnerability makes them so prone to exploitation. What this second group lacked is mental strength.

But what is behind this splendid quality, which apparently not only allows you to excel and shine in your own performance and potential better, but also could bring mind, feelings, and soul into harmony? An attempt to track down this mysterious phenomenon will be discussed in this post; mental strength: 13 signs to show you are stronger than average.

The secret of mental strength

It is not uncommon for us to decide in our head whether we are more on the winning or the losing side. Of course, none of us is immune to setbacks and defeats. But while some get stuck and stay where they are, others get up, dust off their clothes, and carry on – differently, and even better with more enthusiasm and determination.

The psychological terminology, self-efficacy is often used in this context. What is meant by this is the confidence in one’s own performance and the willingness and ability to be able to overcome obstacles of all kinds.

Of course, it is not that easy. Mental strength is not just a simple declaration of will, wish or fulfilment. To achieve it, you need both: talent and training.

13 signs you are mentally stronger than average

Now you might be asking yourself: Do I have this quality too? Maybe – after all, some indications speak for it. And the more of these points apply to you, the greater the likelihood that you are mentally stronger than the average population.

Ok, I am going to stop the rambling (smiley face) and dive into these 13 signs to highlight mental strength.

1. You can judge strong emotions rationally.

You do not postpone things or just brush it under the carpet to deal with them hours or days later. Once in any given situation, you reflect on your feelings and evaluate them with your mind before making decisions. This not only ensures emotional stability but also of your happiness and impulse control.

2. You know your fears.

Yes, you know your fears and are not scared to consciously meet them. This does not mean you are less afraid, but it becomes less of a blockage or hindrance to you. This makes it easier for you to name triggers and turn unfounded worries into what they are: unfounded worries.

3. They do not want to please everyone.

There is a difference between treating one’s fellow human beings with respect and kindness, or always trying to please others so as not to offend anywhere. Mental strength is also shown by being able to say no and, if necessary, deal with the possibilities of upsetting someone else.

4. You can be alone sometimes.

Those who are alone are automatically more concerned with their own feelings and thoughts. Mentally strong personalities have no problems with this, they do not depend on being entertained or distracted by others but can also be happy with themselves. Or to put it another way: Without self-love, mental strength is impossible.

5. You sharpen your talents.

You work on your talents instead of putting them on display. Because often there is uncertainty behind the latter. Some try to have others confirm what they can and cannot do. However, mentally strong people are confident in themselves and are intrinsically motivated to develop and improve on themselves even further.

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6. You stand by your weaknesses.

And do not try to hide them (which would be nonsense). Everyone has weaknesses, no reason to be ashamed of them. However, mentally strong people deal with this differently: Either by working openly on it – or by surrounding yourself with people who compensate for these weaknesses. Behind this is what scientists call healthy self-acceptance.

7. You live on your terms and values.

You live life on your terms and feel comfortable with it. That means you can easily make decisions that correspond to your values. If anything is unsettling and on your mind, you easily accept it and come to terms with the possible consequences. In other words, you are authentic.

8. Your self-esteem is based on who you are.

Your confidence is not affected by what you have achieved or lost. This makes you less susceptible to self-doubt and saves you and your self-esteem from over-imagining what you have achieved, and it is easy for you to bounce back for any setbacks.

9. They practice gratitude.

At first glance, some may wonder what gratitude has to do with mental strength. A lot! A grateful attitude not only makes you healthier and happier, but it is also a key to more self-control and the ability to use small and short-term gratifications in favour of long-term goals. And that is a sign of mental strength.

Inspiring Story: The story of Trisha on how gratitude opened doors for her

10. You learn from mistakes.

Our past mistakes and failures are our best teachers. Watch how you deal with mishaps or defeats: will your very first impulse wants to look for excuses and explanations? Or are you able to identify opportunities to be more successful in the future?

11. You take responsibility.

Mentally strong people take full responsibilities for their actions and decisions. They do not try to pass the blame unto someone else, host a pity party or manipulate others.

A lot of individuals complain about their current unsatisfactory situation – because it is more convenient than doing something about it. On the other hand, people with mental strength accept what cannot be changed or change what they do not want to accept.

Both are a decision – and you take full responsibility for both.

12. You see yourself as part of the solution.

Seeing yourself as part of the solution and not the problem are also great signs to show mental strength. The point is closely related to the previous one. But it goes beyond that: Out of circumstances – no matter how adverse or difficult it may seem – mentally strong people will pave a new path and so do something about it.

13. They enjoy the success of others.

Mentally weak people see life as a zero-sum game: if one wins, someone else must lose – if in doubt, they doubt themselves even more. Envy, bitterness, and jealousy are their primary feelings when others are more successful than they are.

Intellectual strength and greatness of character proves that those who are happy for you and vice versa are those you should be spending time with. Such a person is not just genuine but also internally free.

How did you find this post? The more times you could agree with the above points, the more mental strength you have got. If you could agree 8 times or more, you are already stronger than the average.

Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and kindly join in the conversations on the comments section below. See you in the next post.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Cindy B says:

    I love this! Great post! So unique! I have a mental health background so seeing info like this makes me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  2. In Italy mental problems or in any case the problems related to them are still a taboo and for this reason I look for blog posts like these to find comparison and comfort!

  3. Talya says:

    I’ve been thinking about mental strength a lot lately and judging by the above I probably am a lot stronger mentally than I give myself credit for. Food for thought!

  4. Knashz says:

    I wish I could say a lot of these applied to me, but again, I don’t think I’m mentally stronger than average haha

  5. Catherine says:

    Such a wonderful and thoughtful post. There are things here I am still working on but great steps to keep in mind when working on our strengths and mental health.

  6. love this post. i’m practicing getting better at each of these myself

  7. Dan "Jay" Reyes says:

    These are cool reminders for mental empowerment. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this. I recognise many of the points on this list, I didn’t think I was a strong person.

  9. Melanie williams says:

    Love this post and love all of these. I deffo have learned from my mistakes for sure and this has helped me alot x

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