Many countries around the world will be celebrating fatherhood this third Sunday of June, that is the 16th June 2019. Father’s Day is set aside by many countries to honour fathers and celebrate the paternal bond. This generally celebrates the father as an influencer in the society.

It should be noted that the date to honour fathers varies with countries. Some celebrate on the second Sunday of November while others have adopted the US date of third Sunday of June. Catholic countries in particular celebrate the father every March 19 which is the Feast day of St Joseph (Saint Joseph’s Day). This has been done since the middle ages. In the UK, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June.

It is that time of the year for us to celebrate our fathers, husbands, brothers and all father figures we know. Some of us usually forget about this day until we see messages flying around on social media. I know men may not care that much about a day set aside for them, but a little show of love will be appreciated by them.

Material things may not be worthy enough when compared to showing love for a father, but offering a gift will be a good way of expressing your gratitude and appreciation. It’s never too late for you to catch up, reason why I am sharing with you this guide to a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Spending time with them

Most fathers will love to spend quality time with their family on Father’s Day. This will be an unforgettable moment to everyone. They will appreciate it more and be gratified if you give them the gift of your time.

Handwritten cards

I don’t know why, but I have always had the feeling that fathers are ‘old fashioned’. Not like in what you may be thinking, but the fact that most of them will love to get what brings back old memories. Handwritten card or notes have become rare nowadays due to technology. Writing a letter today adds a lot of value. It means you really have that person in your thought and took the effort to pen down a text message. On a Father’s Day, children can express their love and appreciation through writing. Fathers usually archive such things and will reread them whenever they want to evoke memorable moments they spent together with their loved ones.

A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow


Take them out

There’s nothing a dad will appreciate more than spending quality time with their family. Doing so on such a day is a wonderful idea. Share love with him and make them the king. You can take them out for a walk, lunch, fishing, musicals or whatever they have shown a lot of attachment to. I’ve noticed that Dads feel really happy when you spend time with them on something they are passionate about.

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Practical gift ideas

Ties, wrist watches, socks are the easiest and safest bets for Father’s Day. But if you really want to make your father feel like a king, show him your love by spending time with him. Men feel proud and happy when surrounded by their loved ones. Such a day will be a perfect choice to show love and appreciation to the man that made you a daughter, son, mother, etc.

Kind thoughts and wishes

Some families will be celebrating this Father’s Day without their dads due to either ill health or bereavement. Let’s pause for a moment and remember them in our thoughts and prayers…..❤️

Also some families maybe experiencing a strain in the father-daughter or father-son relationship. If that is the case you can still send a card to your dad, ring him if you can. I know for a fact that ‘two wrongs cannot make a right’. Make this Father’s Day a memorable one for all fathers in the world.

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