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Know your worth by Jane

Determination is the key: Jane’s story
July 18, 2021
Showing Unconditional Love
August 9, 2021

Know your worth by Jane

The article today is the last episode of Jane’s story, know your worth. Did your miss the previous episodes? You can read episode 3 here, episode 2 here and episode 1 here.

Know your worth: Episode 4 of Jane’s Story.


“… of course you deserve this!” Jane was trying to catch up with Clarisse, who was taking long strides on the hallway, her black pumps tapping loudly on the carpet.

Suddenly, Clarisse turned around really fast, making Jane to stop on her toes to avoid a collision. The two women stared at each other.  Clarisse was much taller than Jane and she had a presence that could fill up an entire room, just like Julia.

When Clarisse arrived at meetings, trailing behind her boss, everyone recognised her and listened to her. She made a difference in the workplace; the men in the office took her seriously. 

On the other hand, Jane still felt like a joke around her co-workers. Todd, aside, the men on her team always yawned or just nodded when she was in charge of a project. She wanted some respect, the same acknowledgements that Clarisse elicited around the office. 

“Ben told everyone the only reason I got this role was because of the length of my skirt.”

Clarisse raised an eyebrow and eyed Jane’s skirt which was regular length just below her knees.  

“Ben is an asshole,” Clarisse said without stuttering.

“He finished the Lincoln Creek project in a month,” Jane said.

“And he also forgets to submit his reports at the end of the week,” Clarisse said, crossing her arms. “You need to stop comparing yourself to others and know your worth” 

Jane grabbed the end of her skirt unconsciously 🙂

“How do you do it?” Jane asked Clarisse, with no need to sugarcoat her question. 

Clarisse laughed, “It takes a lot of coffee and I have been here for 2 years; it gets easier. Jane, you have only been here for 8 months and believe me… you are ‘nailing it’.

You have accomplished more than any other new member, besides, you were the one who told my boss how to proceed in order not lose a deal with one of our major clients and that was only during your first month.”

“I am only pointing out something that is obvious here!” Clarisse said smiling, amazed that Jane couldn’t see her worth.

After that conversation, Jane had made sure to repeat a mantra before every meeting. My ‘voice matters and my thoughts are valid’. She would not let any doubt to sink her happiness. Jane was certain every experience from the past was shaping her into a better version of herself.

She made a promise to start looking forward instead of spending so much time thinking about her past. 

After her promotion

On the first week after her promotion, Jane had to restructure the assignments on her designated group. She wanted everyone to be working at their best, while ensuring the tasks were assigned properly.

There will be no favouritism based on gender. It was clear that the other two women in the team were being relegated to side jobs that barely marched the knowledge that they had over the project.

Jane reassigned their positions to a group of interns, and just with some little changes the workflow from the team became more efficient. The few complaints from her first week in post subsided after they realised how capable Jane was to lead this position. 

She found herself even being approached for the first time by her male co-workers, to solve issues, she happily provided help. The best way to “show off” she thought. She could now walk confidently around the office, the mean comments from Todd are long forgotten. Jane wanted to focus on what truly mattered, after all, she had gotten the position based on her hard work and capabilities. 

It was her personal project to build a new work environment where the women in the company felt no limitations and could express themselves and take on the roles they wanted.

Jane stood overlooking her entire team and the others around the office, she knew that her real job was just beginning. 

The Future

The new recruiting team stared at Jane with lots of enthusiasm as they waited for her to finish with the presentation. As expected, the group consisted of four men and one woman.  

Jane focused on her for a moment while finishing on her introductory speech. The lady looked to be in her early twenties, a set of freckles sparkled on her tanned skin. She had strong brown eyes and kept nodding as Jane spoke.  

She could see herself reflected in those brown eyes. She had also been eager on her first day, and was the only woman in the new group.

Jane finished her presentation and faced the group with a smile on her face.

“What are your expectations?” She asked the group, remembering that question from Julia years ago. 

She heard the same monotonous answer of growing as a person and challenges. The brown-eyed lady sat quietly. She didn’t seem nervous, reserved maybe.

As Jane wasn’t getting any more answers from the group, she took a few steps as she considered her next words. The lady had become intimated by the other men on the group who were louder and had interrupted her when she had raised her hand previously.  

Jane gave her a warm look and continued, “I wanted to make a difference when I first got this job. I had just been laid off from my previous job and my experiences as an intern had left me wanting for more.”

She set her eyes on every single member of the group because they were all equal.

“If you focus on improving on yourself, you will discover that you are capable of achieving anything. Do not let your values to be set by others. This will diminish your chances to improve and be better.” Jane squeezed her palms gently. “Know your worth and never doubt your capabilities.”


It’s been an absolute pleasure writing this beautiful uplifting and inspiring story. Did you enjoy it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Thanks for reading. Stay safe and see you in the next post 🙂

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur

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