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Challenging the status quo by Jane: eps. 1

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March 6, 2021
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March 21, 2021

Challenging the status quo by Jane: eps. 1

Today’s post is a life story from Jane on challenging the status quo and paving the way for some changes in her life and the world at large. Enjoy and remember to sign up to our newsletter such you don’t miss the 3 other episodes of her story.

Jane’s Story on challenging the status quo

Her feet were aching, and she could not remember exactly why she had chosen the big pointy black shoes instead of her usual low pumps. Maybe it was the fact that in every single interview she continued feeling like a little midget, or the fact that her last boss had told her he could measure her value based on how tiny she was. Or maybe just maybe, because Jane wanted to feel positive today when her roommate had high-fived her and told her to “Go get it.” she had chosen her best shoes.

Jane smiled at this last thought. Embracing the pain at her ankles and putting on her signature red lipstick. Not too red that it made her skin look pale but red enough to send a message to any interviewee. I am dangerous and I am planning to rock this interview.

 She rushed to the last wagon of the train, several heads turning as she skittered for balance to get in just at the last beeping from the conductor. She held into the handle and stared at her reflection, suddenly facing not her current self but a Jane from long ago.

15 years ago

 “You have to stay at the booth!” One of her classmates pushed Jane to a chair.

 “But I have been here for the past 4 hours,” Jane complained.

She was thirteen and as her mother liked to tell her “too sweet for this cruel world”. She was kind and gentle to anyone around her, and that made her an easy target to her classmates, especially to Brad, who kept pushing her to a sitting position in the booth. 

“This is not a boy’s job; do you think I want to stay here selling lemonade till the fair closes?” Brad said angrily.

“But I set up the entire booth, drew the pamphlets and even made all the lemonade,” Jane said this as she showed her slightly swollen red hands. “Miss May said you were supposed to help me.”

“As if, if you don’t stay here then the booth is going to fail, and Miss May will be disappointed, and this will all be your fault.” Brad shoved her to the chair one more time and left.

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 Jane could feel the tears pricking at her eyes, she shook her head, she would not cry. Not because it would be girly like all the boys always teased but because she was stronger than this. She smiled as hard as she could and started calling for people to buy the sweetest lemonade they could ever taste.

The next day the rumour that Brad had diarrhea during the school fair spread all around the school. After all, Miss May had asked Jane when she found her alone at the booth where Brad had gone. And Jane did not want to get him in trouble… 


Back on the train, Jane blinked several times, the strong feeling that memory had brought back was making her eager and just a tiny bit anxious about the interview.

She had been at this job for the past 4 years; she loved her job and had worked extra hours each day even sacrificing some of her weekends to reach deadlines. But it was her dream job, assisting at a design company that had been pioneered in the industry.

She remembered calling her mother in the middle of the night when she got the acceptance email from the company. Jane had screamed so loud her neighbours even called the police, afraid someone might have broken in. Only to find Jane and her roommate silently dancing in the living room with facial masks on their faces. 

 Her heart was beating so fast. She wanted to believe her effort had all been worth it.

Jane got down at her stop, the breeze pulling on her skirt. 

 “This is my destiny!” She whispered to herself.

In front of her stood the giant building that was the headquarters for the company she worked for. Big shiny windows encompassed the entire structure giving it a modern and elegant shape. It was still breathtaking to Jane to see it every morning, the commute was always worth it whenever she got to stare at the tall building and through its glassy doors.  

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First day

 “Who invited his little sister to work?” One of her male coworkers joked as they were being introduced to the other members of the office. 

 Jane did not laugh at the joke but noticed how some coworkers turned their heads to the side, probably laughing. It had taken her less than an hour to realise that besides her there were only 5 other women working in the office.

 Only five, the number felt like a stitch to her confidence. She was aware since little that the market was usually male nominated, but to finally work for the company of her dreams and find out that only five women, including one of her bosses, were surrounded by a big majority of male coworkers made her doubt a little bit.

 “Am I in the right place,” Jane thought as she finished the little tour around the office.

 At lunch Jane decided to cross the bridge, men were the same as women and she refused to feel like an outsider. After all, she had gotten the same job, she had the same qualifications as them. 

 She went straight to the table where she recognised some of the new coworkers and silently sat beside them. They were discussing some of the new partners of the firm, which Jane knew the ins and outs since she had been all morning catching up with the paperwork from the partners.

“I think it’s magnificent…” Jane began, wanting to share some of her insight into the matter.

 “A woman that thinks, guess the company is finally stepping up.” One of her coworkers cut her up, and this coworker called Tod will later be Jane’s biggest obstacle and enemy. 

 Jane could feel the anger bubbling up in her stomach. She closed her hands into a fist.

 “Do you have a problem?” She asked him.

 Tod wavered before answering, not expecting such a blunt response from Jane.

 “None at all, I’m happy with the new acquisition.” Tod crossed his arms and smiled with mockery.

END OF EPISODE 1: Challenging the status quo by Jane

N.B: Episode 2 of this story by Jane on challenging the status quo will be published within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


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