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In Memory of My Mother

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August 22, 2019
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December 22, 2019

In Memory of My Mother

My mother was a dedicated christian and an entrepreneur. She loved helping others in her extended family and was very approachable. You could rarely know who was her biological child and who was not. Great mothers usually bond with children and not only theirs. I grew up in an environment where a child was not only your child, but that of the community.

Our mum was called Pauline. My siblings and I would address her as Ma Pau, Reme, Old lady and Mumzie depending on the mood ?. She was my best and loyal friend and would call me grande mère (grand mother) or Mimi.

One of the most painful things a person can experience is not have felt the love of a mother. That love which is so genuine and pure. Loosing a parent is tough no matter how old you are. You get consumed by grief that no one can understand. The pain is excruciating and unbearable and it comes out in tears, anger, frustration and guilt. It is so easy to get stuck on these emotions if you don’t let them out.

My mother made the best beans and puff-puff ever! She had a fast-food eatery where she sold beans and puff-puff (donut-like puff balls made with wheat flour), a yummy local delicacy. Even though she was a housewife, she had the responsible to put food on the table and educate her kids. She will get up very early in the morning to prepare food for her business, then breakfast.

My writing of her brings back lots of emotions of a very hardworking, sincere and trustworthy lady. I miss the sound of her sweet laughter and her always encouraging words. A very good listener who is always willing to offer support even at her own detriment.

Friends do come and go, but family, especially your mother will always be there for you no matter what is happening in your life and will love you just the way you are.

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Six years on and it still feels like a terrible nightmare. I so much miss her always willing to support attitude. She was that one person who will be there with me when I had a bad day or when things are not going on well with my life.

I miss those days when we will have lengthy conversations over the phone about everything and nothing. She was one of the greatest figures in my life. My mum will tell me everything that is happening in her surrounding just to keep the conversation lively.

She was so cheeky in a clever way and knew how to get me to spend lavishly on her. I absolutely loved to treat her too because she so deserved it. I am who I am today thanks to her.

At times I still feel like just dialing her number and expecting a ‘hello grande mère’. She meant everything to me just like all other mums to their children.

My mother had a passion for singing. She was always the first to get out of bed. After her morning meditations you could hear her beautiful voice so lulling and cuddling. I inherited that magic voice from her ??. It’s a shame I don’t belong to a choir anymore! I hope to join again sometime in the future.

Mothers are gold. They are superpowers. They always stand up for their children. Mothers and would-be mothers are doing all to be like their mums or better. Mums are heroes and my mum was my super hero.

Rest on sweet mum. I know you are our angel watching over Zyrelda, Janey, Robert, Martin and myself. We miss you so much. There’s a lot we would love to tell you. Your legacy is growing bigger and your grand/great grand kids missed an ever caring, loving, happy and supportive grand/great grand Ma.

We love you forever!

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