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Wishing You A Merry And Meatless Christmas
December 22, 2020
Things Only Working Mums Will Understand
January 10, 2021

I know I am ungrateful when I start …

When I refuse to see the good in any situation and complain about everything happening around me, I am and will be a good case study for ungratefulness. I don’t want to look at ungratefulness as something that is just for others and not for me. Don’t you think I will be “ungrateful” doing that?

We all have had something to do with ungrateful people, but truly speaking, we will not want to be around them if we were given the choice. We can easily spot such people from their actions, but very difficult to see them in us. It can be easy to be blinded by our attitudes and only see another person as the one at fault. To be honest with you, there’s no perfect human being.

There are times we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to appreciate or think about the things that others do for us. We have no time to see the sacrifices they make on our behalf on a daily basis. Just reflect on the past few days and you will see a number of occasions that you might have been a little ungrateful. Did you remember to say ‘thank you’ when you were offered a fresh cup of tea? Or when someone did the dishes for you?

You must be such a lovely person if you can’t find one. Ungratefulness is something that affects almost everyone. However, we don’t have to take it for granted because everyone has shown such temperaments once or twice. We should however look at the positives and be ready to action change when we’re being ungrateful.

When we rarely feel satisfied

Ungratefulness occurs whenever you don’t feel satisfied with anything you do, even when you get something you had wished for or achieve a goal. You might feel as though you’ve not achieved anything – in fact, your appetite seems insatiable. There are people who always want to get more of everything. You may have moments of ungratefulness, but that doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful.

To live a happy life, you need to appreciate the little things that people do for you and the things you achieve as well. You must not achieve all in one day, but be happy with the little you get. The small gestures the people around you do can help uplift and make you to live a happy life.

When we breed negativity

To be ungrateful means we’re not thankful for what others do for us. We feel as though the person giving to us can do more. There are times we might even get emotional or become bitter. It’s not nice to have a negative view of someone or always see the glass of water as half empty instead of half full..

Paul McCabe says “Ungrateful people breed negativity …” and so “no one gets any pleasure from giving to an ungrateful person”. You need to show compassion to the people around you. Put yourself in their shoes and show more empathy. “When you show appreciation, the object of your attention blossoms and flourishes”, Paul McCabe.

When you feel bitter

Pause and reflect on the next time you feel a little bitter towards someone. When people are bitter with themselves or others, know that envy is around the corner. You will easily wish your time away and start comparing your life unfavourably to others. When you are envious, you’d become bitter, angry and cannot be happy. You will not be happy with what you’ve got and will find a problem in everything around you

Quoting Zig Ziglar, “You’ll never see a happy ungrateful person”. Those who are grateful will always find contentment in what they have and what others have too. You should be happy and contented with what you have as well as the achievements of those around you. A fulfilled life is a happy one. Always find happiness in everything.

When you play the victim

When you feel no one has ever been worse off than you, then you’re showing signs of ungratefulness. You listen only to your own problems and not that of others. Even in a conversation, you always try to make it appear as though the other person’s problem is lighter than yours. It can be really draining when dealing with such people because they obviously don’t want to change no matter what solution you bring. They will always see a problem to a solution. Watch out if you start observing this in you.

Instead of seeing a problem in everything in your life, try to turn your weaknesses into your strong points. Look at the past as a teacher where you learned vital lessons about yourself during those difficult circumstances. The fact that you’re still alive means you have survived so many setbacks. It is now up to you to make a valid and positive use with your past life scenarios.

When we find it difficult to ask for help from others

These are signs that does not fail – when you start happily asking for help from people, know that you’re on the right path. To ask for help from others is not an easy task. I will take hours to convince myself that I really need help before I can ask for it. This is usually when I am in a desperate situation.

Life is tough. Be ready to ask for help because there are some good people out there. However, it should be noted that when we live with an ungrateful heart, it can be easy to take others for granted and not appreciate the little things they do for us . The worse part of it is that such people rarely give a simple thank you. Ignore them and keep doing good to humanity when you can.

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When we are ungrateful, especially to others, we don’t care about them. We are just so focused on ourselves that we forget to give room for other’s needs and feelings. We can become too selfish and think only about ourselves all the time.

It is very necessary for us to look at these simple signs. We need to be gracious and selfless as this will make us feel better about ourselves. It may not make us different, but we will be happy as we empathise with the sufferings and needs of others.

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