I was shopping at a supermarket yesterday for some regular family groceries and I couldn’t resist all chocolates staring at me. I’ve been very good this year but how will I stay healthy during this festive Christmas period?’ Its a constant battle trying to maintain a healthy and stress free lifestyle and I will be sharing with you some tips that have helped me over the years

1. Replace the sweet treats with a piece of fruit

Who doesn’t like a treat? During this festive season are the mince pies and muffins calling you by name? I’ve been there and to be honest the struggle is real. Last year I made a decision to try and replace my sweet snacks for a piece of fruit. I’ll go for either an apple, or a banana for my sugar rush. You can do same.

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2. Use the stairs instead of the lift

Our modern society encourages us for a sedentary lifestyle. We use the escalators and lift instead of the stairs. We use the drive-through option to get coffee instead of walking.

My husband is a fitness enthusiast and I’m trying to catch up with him. He uses a lot of weights indoors. While watching the TV he’ll use either the 5 or 10kg weight and exercise for a bit. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I love it when people say health is wealth. This is absolutely true for we cannot put a price tag on good health.

3. Eat more vegetables

Are you like my son who doesn’t like vegetables? Have you tried adding them to your smoothies or soups? He can’t stand any greens so what I do is get a handful of either kale or spinach into his smoothie and blend it with the fruits. It’s the same approach I use for soups. I blend everything so he doesn’t taste the difference.

I’ll share in another blog post what I use to make a yummy smoothie for me and my family.

4. Be mindful of your food portions

I’m so guilty when it comes to my food portions. If that isn’t bad enough I enjoy late night eating. I am trying to get into the habit of not eating after 7pm. I’ll have just a glass of water and an apple. I use size of my palm as a rough guide when it comes to carbohydrates and I then fill up my plate with lots of vegetables and protein.

5.  Reduce screen time

In my home, we use the weekend to catch up on all the movies and TV series but it is so essential for us to reduce screen time during this festive period. We should try and engage in other activities that gets our circulation going such as walking, jogging or swimming.

6. Go for long walks with your family

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for us to strengthen our bond with our family and friends. Organise and go for long walks on the beach, countryside etc. Outdoors are so good to clear your mind and the kids will love it too.

7. Play and have fun together

Can you complete this statement? ‘All work without play makes…..’

Let’s add some fun to our festive period. Get some board games like chess, play karoake with the kids and take turns to perform, bingo is great too.

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These are some amazing ideas to add some fun to your Christmas cheer and be merrily healthy and happy.

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