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How I Use Music For Stress Relief As A Mum

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October 2, 2018
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October 19, 2018

How I Use Music For Stress Relief As A Mum

I can remember those good old school days when music was more of an asset than something needed for relaxation. A stereo set was a must have especially for some of us who rented out of the university campus. Music was everything to me back then. While reading, I will play soft music which helped me to feel more relaxed as it increases on my concentration ability. When it was cooking or laundry time, upbeat music was needed to give me the necessary energy. I slept with music, calmed down exam stress with music and relaxed with music. Music to me in those school days was the best medicine for any stress relief.

Music has that power of soothing the mind especially when you are stressed. It has that unique link with our emotions that makes it an effective tool for stress management. With this benefit, music can be used in our normal daily activities.

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Now, a working mum of two, I came to realise I could still use the same school day tricks to carry out my daily activities with less stress. I will share with you my experience on how I use music as a stress relief tool as I carry out my daily activities.

Waking Up

Thanks to technology, my early morning alarm is set to classical music. It doesn’t only wake me up, but keeps my mind calm and focused. The type of music you play can determine the tone of your day. You just need to select the right music to set the day’s tone. Usually on weekends, I start my day with upbeat music that requires me to make some dancing moves. This gives me an extra energy especially when the day will be a busy one.

Humming or singing along is another great way of releasing tension. Musical tastes varies from one person to the other. So you alone can decide the type of music that suits your mood. As for me, I go for classical music when selecting calming music.

Cleaning With Music 

Having an organised home helps cut down stress levels but as a mum, cleaning itself is a stressful chore. You will always need some extra energy or something to help you feel less stressed as you carry out your cleaning chores. You can try some energetic music. As for me, jazz, hip-hop raises my energy level and makes cleaning a fun activity. At times I dance as I dust the furniture.

Music has different effects on your emotions and body. When it is fast, it makes you concentrate better and you’ll become more alert. Slower tempo music will keep your mind calm and relax your muscles. It makes you feel soothed as it releases the day’s stress. Upbeat music keeps you positive and makes you feel more optimistic about life.

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Playing Music When Cooking 

Going out to eat with the family is one of the things my husband and I love though we trying to make it more of treat then our normal routine. Eating at home means you’re assured of good nutrition and hygiene. It is also less expensive when preparing your own meal at home. With the former, you are less stressed as you are assured of a healthy lifestyle while the latter reduces your financial stress.

That said, we are faced with a second problem – cooking at home when you are too tired. This is the cry of every working mum – having to come back from work and prepare food for the entire family. This means you will need some extra energy or something to move your spirits up. You can make cooking a fun activity rather than a chore when you accompany it with some smooth jazz or something more hot and upbeat. 

When people get stressed, they have the feeling to avoid listening to music. To them, it is a waste of time and will not help them to achieve anything. But what you need to know is that productivity goes up as stress levels slow down. If you know that and you also know music can reduce stress levels, then just a little effort will help you normalise everything.

Rush Hour Stress Relief 

There is nothing as painful as waiting in the traffic when you got to take your kids to school or when you have to pick them up. There are times you hit the steering wheel until you feel the pains in your palms. Rather than doing that, insert your favorite CD, take a deep breathe and calm down your stress levels with some good music. The music will help reduce some of the tension you feel from the traffic jam. It may also make you feel you’re not wasting your time in the traffic but just having a real good time. With the car windows up, raise the volume and move to the beats. 

Music absorbs our attention as well as it can also help as a distraction. It helps you explore your emotions and also serves as a therapeutic tool in times of difficulty. Playing music that speaks to your soul will change your mood and keep your stress levels down.

Adults Also Need A Lullaby

There is nothing as soothing to the mind as going to bed with a quiet song after a busy day. The drift-away effect of music is so strong because it helps take off the stress from your mind. Sleep is a great tool for stress relief. Getting enough sleep is very important for your body to function properly. You can easily handle stress when you sleep well. Music can also help slow down your breathing.


Music can be used for meditation as it helps slow down the mind and ignites relaxation. It helps to prevent the mind from wandering. However, not all music is appropriate for such. The music should be structured, gentle and have a familiar melody. Such is more comforting to the mind and produces a sense of calm within an individual. If you plan to commence some meditation, this previous post Are You Thinking of Starting Some Meditation? will be of help to you. Checkout also these 6 benefits of meditation 

Music has a lot of benefits and not just the above. You can use music to ease anxiety, increase concentration, elevate your mood, promote relaxation and many others. Why don’t you add music in your life and let’s all see what happens to your stress level? Don’t hesitate to join the conversations in the comments section below to share with us your experience. 

Please, share with family and friends for this maybe what will help them in their stress relief journey. Don’t forget to subscribe for more.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Pitche says:

    I loved this write up which explains the use of music as a therapy to stress. Humans handle stress differently and may respond to the sound of music differently as already highlighted by you. Music to me relieves my mind from worries or stress. Once in the situation of stress and a good music of choice coming on , automatically there is some physiological changes , a smile, body movement, nodding the head and even chanting . It’s a momentary or situational therapy if this is the right descriptive term to use.

  2. Franka says:

    Another good piece I can relate to. Yes I love music and classical is my go to when I need that deep moment with myself to replenish. Saturdays are house cleaning days for me and we always start that with upbeat hiphop and African music. Thank u dear for this. Quiet uplifting.

  3. Rachel says:

    Music is such a good stress reliever and I bet it works well for mothers. I love listening to some calming soothing music when I sleep which really helps if I feel stressed or anxious about something coming up.

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I agree that musics is a great stress reliever. Personally musics helps me a lot in everything, I listen to it if I want to fall asleep easily, if I want to be at peace and want to change my mood from madness to being happy.

  5. Deanna says:

    My kids do so much better when we have music playing! We wake up happier, get chores done quicker. And I’m more it peace too! I loved your thoughts on all the way we can incorporate music!

  6. Lyosha says:

    Music is always a great idea when it come to relief. I’m not a mom yet but it does help me

  7. Elizabeth O says:

    Music is a lifeline for me. I turn to it frequently to relax and to get me in a balanced, focused mood.

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