The gadgets may be fun at times but during hot summer months, it may not be the best for kids. There is nothing as good as parents spending time with kids outdoor during summer. Let me share with you these 10 fun summer activities for parents and kids.

Cook out frequently

It’s time for dads and mums to share some of their culinary skills with their children. Why not make an outdoor kitchen and everyone put on an apron. Cooking with your kids is a learning activity in disguise. Let them develop their reading skills by reading out loud the recipes. Make sure you add this in your list of summer activities this year. It is one of my 8 best time management hacks for busy mums.

Make lemonade

It’s hot and some fresh lemonade will be refreshing enough for both parents and kids. Why not set up a lemonade stand at their summer camps/clubs? That will be putting in some entrepreneurial knowledge into your children which you will not regret. It helps them make some extra cash for themselves.

Outdoor painting

Take the lovely ones out to communicate their emotions or feelings by painting. I love painting with my kids because it helps them to easily express their feelings or themselves. It is a great fun activity for the entire family to engage in.

Family movies

You can find a family-friendly movie that incorporates all ages. Since it’s for the entire family, to save you some stress, you can get tickets online days before so you don’t have to be on the queue.

Home escape

Take a family trip. It can be to a museum or the zoo. It should not always be the one in town. You can go out to the nearest zoo or museum in the neighbouring town. Always change places for it will be an adventure for the children. Checkout these places you can spend summer with your children in London.

A beach trip

If you have been looking for summer activities for your kids, then the beach or a lake will be a cheap and fun way to create memories with your kids. I will share in another post my top beach tips.

A visit to the pool

A swimming pool is the most popular of all the places to get wet. Swimming is the best of all summer activities to get kids and their parents to have fun while exercising at the same time. It is a great way to cool down during these hot summer months.

Run a sprinkler

Everyone loves to cool down when temperatures go up. Having fun with sprinklers at home with kids of all ages will be great fun.

Nature activities

There are many fun ideas for exploring nature with children. Parents can take their children out to connect with nature. This will not only de-stress them from their months of sitting in the classroom but will also bring in some fresh air during the summer months.

City farm visits

Kids who love animals will be excited visiting a farm alongside their parents. You can also look for a farm that has blueberry and go picking.