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Determination is the key: Jane’s story

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July 11, 2021
Know your worth by Jane
August 3, 2021

Determination is the key: Jane’s story

Today’s article, determination is the key is a continuation of the uplifting story from Jane. You can read episode 1 (challenging the status quo) and episode 2 (some change won’t harm) before coming to enjoy this chapter of her story 🙂

Episode 3: She did it, determination is the key.

2 Years Ago

It was a cold and hectic morning and Jane thought she has been awake for the past 3 hours, and was going to be late for her biggest pitch meeting. It’s a silly mistake to think she could grab coffee for everyone without getting caught in the morning rush. 

Jane’s been paying attention and realised that whenever someone had the first round of early meetings no one listened to them. She was planning to make everyone’s morning unforgettable, if she could make it in time of course.

Just as she was reaching the elevator, 5 minutes close to being late. One of her coworkers, Tod, practically trampled over her to reach the elevator first. Jane stumbled, almost dropping the coffees but miraculously regaining her footing at the last instant.

There it was one of her biggest nightmares, Tod, looking at her with that pompous self-assure look he always dragged everywhere. He was standing inside the elevator, which was practically empty. 

“Could you..” Jane started, she was so close to the elevator.

She saw Tod, press the closing button leaving Jane on the ground floor. He had done this on purpose. Like all that other times he and his group of friends would always make mean remarks at her, go against her ideas in the meetings, blocking her printer use in the most crucial hour, and even dismissing her when she had been appointed to certain roles. 

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Tod uses every opportunity to make Jane to come across as the bad colleague and in one meeting she did so well and even the Lead designing director had clapped at her presentation and told her Boss to make sure to set up another follow up meeting with her.


Jane’s hands were sweating while she waited outside the meeting room. She pressed the back of her hands against her black skirt, leaving little marks on the fabric. 

“Just calm down, you have spoken to Julia several times before.” She told herself.  

But she knew this moment was different and she could make a difference in her workplace. She wanted to be the first woman to receive a director’s role in the last 20 years and be able to inspire the rest of the women in the company to step up and show their true value. 

She had spent so much time with them to know how precious and hardworking they were. Karen was always putting on a smile and being able to multitask even while handling 3 calls at the same time. Clarisse had worked full time while getting her master’s degree and not skipping one day of work. Teresa from human resources, tried her best to pacify each incident between her and Tod.  

But most importantly to Jane was Julia, her favourite boss, The Co-Founder of the company.

The meeting room door finally opened and Jane almost jumped back from anticipation.

Julia, always with her high ponytail, greeted Jane and ushered her to come inside. Waiting inside were the other two bosses. Julia was the only woman, but now Jane was balancing the situation. 

“We are very happy to announce that you have been chosen to fulfill the main director position for the East team,” Julia announced, with a bright smile on her face.

Jane grabbed her face from excitement. “Thank you, thank you so much! I’ll work my best to fulfill my role.”

That moment, Jane knew she was in the right place and things were bound to be better from now on.


The first thing that Jane did after getting home from her awesome day was getting rid of her pointy heels while taking away all the anxiety and awful commute to work on that day, which is now a memorable one.

She had even gone so far as to pinch her arm the moment she was out of Julia’s Office. Certain that everything was a dream and she was bound to wake up back at her home, alarm ringing and the miserable loom of having to rush for the interview once again.

But it was all real, she had truly gotten the promotion. This calls for a celebration while she poured herself a nice glass of wine.

Jane made sure to video call her parents to let them know the good news. Her mum was screaming on the phone, shaking Jane’s dad as if they had just won the lottery. 

“My baby girl, she did it, determination is the key and I’m so proud!” Her mother cheered.

Jane could feel the blush on her cheeks, even though her mum knew she was no longer a kid she had kept calling her baby girl. It was sweet but… slightly embarrassing whenever they were out in public. Her father was enthusiastic in his own way but far more calmer than her mother, had congratulated her as well.

She wished in that moment, she could hug them, but they were miles away and she was not visiting them until Christmas.  

After saying goodbye to her parents, Jane rushed to her room and changed into her comfy clothes. Smelling the lavender from her favourite soap and dancing joyfully as she picked her favourite facial mask from her bathroom cabinet. Most of these products always pamper Jane to have a“skin-like gold” or face to be “soft as an angel”.

She methodically pressed the mask against her skin, making sure to first pull back her dark curls into a bun on the back of her head. She smiled at the mirror…..

“You deserve this. Determination is the key” She said aloud to herself.


Hope you enjoyed reading how determination can be a crucial key to any success. Please use the comments section below to tell us if you agree or disagree with this statement.

P.S: The last episode of Jane’s story will be published with the next few weeks. Stay tuned 🙂

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur

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