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You Know She’s a Confident Woman When She Can Do These 5 Things

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You Know She’s a Confident Woman When She Can Do These 5 Things

No one needs to tell you when you spot one. They are graceful and turn heads when they walk into a room. They may not be the prettiest or most successful, but their aura makes them to feel comfortable in themselves.

You know that she is a confident woman when she has the following traits which I am going to share with you today….

1. A confident woman knows what she wants

Confident women know what they want and will not settle for anything less. They believe in who they are and will only accept what fits in with their views. She is also very sure of her choices and won’t hesitate to take a decision. Confident women know what they want, how to get it and they usually get it.

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2. She’s unique and feels comfortable

Her sense of uniqueness is directly related to her self and self-worth. A confident woman builds relationships and interacts with people who respect and accept them. She does one thing daily to show she is unique which makes her self-esteem and confidence levels to grow.

3. She’s not threatened by others opinion of her

Other people’s opinions count but are not more important than theirs. She lives her life on her own terms and not that of others.

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To her, none can live her life except herself so if your opinion doesn’t tie with hers, she won’t settle for it. Nothing also stops her from sharing her own opinion. She does that guilt-free.

4. She says ‘No’ to others and ‘Yes’ to herself

When it is necessary, she says no. She doesn’t pretend to over-commit or make false promises. She prefers to say the truth now than tell a lie later. She commits only to things she actually enjoys rather than piling things up for the sake of other people.

5. The ‘norm’ is not always normal to her

A confident woman would rarely go with the flow without questioning what she is told. This is not about those who just argue for the sake of arguing. She wants to know why things are done the way it is done. Why are you doing it this way? Is it a norm? Is there a better way?

In a nutshell, a confident woman knows her worth and will not accept anyone to treat her any less.

Her aura will make her stand out and it is going to be very difficult for you not to notice her.

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Yvette M. Kaba

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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