Are mothers more stressed than fathers when it comes to caring for the baby?

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May 22, 2020
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Are mothers more stressed than fathers when it comes to caring for the baby?

If we must admire one quality of our peers, they certainly stress less than we do. And yes, mothers are much more stressed than fathers when it comes to caring for a baby.

The truth is that we worry too much, we want to take care of everything more than we should and protect our kids even from the smallest mosquito. Fathers, on the other hand, are calmer and allow for a little more freedom, which for us is just too immature! And again, we get stressed.

What does the research indicate?

A recent study indicated that mothers are less happy than fathers on parenting tasks. It does not mean that we are not happy being mothers, but it simply meant we assume far more responsibilities and dedication to our kids.

Another research was conducted by scientists at Cornell University, the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Population Center, which focused on the time mothers and fathers spend with their children. This study concluded that women do feel more tired, stressed, and less happy than men when it comes to parental responsilities.

Some studies carried out in the American Survey of Time in the years 2010, 2012, and 2013, with 12,000 parents in the United States (fathers and mothers) engaging in different activities with their children, in hugely different environments, had the same conclusion; fathers are less stressed than mothers when it comes to taking care of the baby.

The mothers, for their part, are attentive to the home, school, doctors, birthdays, which prevents them, in many cases, from enjoying with their children. Even problems can arise in the couple because of this.

The bond that unites an authentic family is not of blood, but mutual respect and joy

-Richard Bach-

Do dads enjoy their babies more?

Another study also found that fathers enjoy more time with their children. Adding that it is good for fathers to spend more time with their children because the treatment is different from that offered by the mother.

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Mothers become more stressed due to the number of baby care and other family activities they ought to do. This predisposes mothers to be more stressed than fathers when it comes to caring for the baby as well.

Maternal activities tire much more.

Lack of sleep is another consequence of the accumulation of fatigue in mothers. We are always the first to wake up the moment the baby cries, increasing stress. After the collection of this information from thousands of parents, it was concluded that parenting does generate stress.

A little help does not hurt, to make mothers less stressed

Although it cannot be generalised, it will be positive to give a little more support to all mums.

More men are indeed beginning to contribute enormously to raising their babies and it will be amazing for all cultures to adopt this way of life.

If a balance is achieved in all the responsibilities of having a baby, mothers will surely have much more leisure time with their children and thus be able to enjoy them much more.

A day when the father gets up at night to feed the baby, takes the baby to the doctor when he/she is unwell, and spends some maternal tasks….this will allow the mother to rest which in turn will make her happy and she will feel well in herself to be able to take care of her entire household with no issues.

Do you agree with this trend of thoughts?

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