Yvette Mayemelle KabaUplifting and Inspiring Content (UIC) is a growing and vibrant community whose main focus is to spread Good Vibes Worldwide.

We hope to motivate and encourage you through each day.

We want to bring to your attention all the good things that are happening around us. Life shouldn’t be mundane or just a routine. It is a beautiful gift that should be enjoyed by everyone. Things do happen in life that could divert our attention from this beauty, however UIC will create videos and articles to keep you focused on your goals and plans.

A goal achieved will boost moral in all aspects of your life and you will be able to live a more happier, complete and a fulfilled life. Feeling accomplished in self is so important as it touches everyone around us.

Everyone has got a story that can motivate and inspire. Don’t be shy to tell your story because we would like to share in that journey and together we can make some positive changes in the World.

About Founder

Hi I am Yvette the Founder of Uplifting and Inspiring Content (UIC). I am a life lover, wife and mum of two. An Inspirational Blogger by night and a Health Improvement Specialist by day. Hope you enjoy my site. It is very refreshing to me and hope it does same for you.

Any questions please kindly leave me a message. Happy Reading! Happy Viewing! Happy You! Happy Me!