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90s Fashion Trend

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and talk about the 90s fashion trend. A look at the present trends in fashion will tell you that fashion in the 90s had little sense of style. However, fashion today is more of crowd-pleasing even though those of the 90s are making a comeback slowly.
When you look at the pictures you took in the 90s, it may look a little sloppy, but it was good – it was not fashionable enough to me. Styles change on almost a daily basis with every decade having a fashion trend that standout.

You cannot talk fashion in the 1990s without mentioning the Spice Girls. Their fashion choices have influenced dressing for as long as they came into the limelight in the 90s. They may be known to have been one of the most popular bands in the 1990s, but not only that. They were also trendsetters in that era when it comes to fashion. Their slip dresses, platform shoes and chokers were a great influence in styles of that decade.

If you are keen with fashion, you would notice that some 80s fashion crossed over to the early 90s. The clothing colours in particular were fluorescent with the most popular being green, orange, yellow, blue and pink which you would find on t-shirts, parachute pants, jackets, and sweatpants. Very similar to what you can see now with both sexes.

The pop art and comic book inspired colours were usually paired together. The most common patterns included overlapping free-form shapes, zig-zag lightning bolts, rectangles, triangles with clusters of thin parallel lines.

When I think of fashion in the 90s, I think of the popular fictional character, Steven Urkel (Jaleel White) in Family Matters. I can remember his multi-coloured cardigan sweaters and flood pants that are held up by suspenders. Will Smith’s dungaree or overalls with straps down also comes to mind. Overalls looked cool putting on with both straps or just one as well as having no shirt underneath.

We also had the grunge fashion that peaked in the late 1993 and early 1994. The grunch fashion came in for both sexes. Ripped jeans with combat boots, flannel shirts, oversized knit sweaters, ripped tights, long and droopy skirts, hiking boots and many others were common. Most of these clothing which were Eco-friendly were made out of recycled textiles and fair trade organic cotton.

Punk fashion started in the 1970s, but was made very popular in the 1990s. Black hoodies, long under-sleeves and mint blue baggy pants were common with the punk fashion. It was common to also find bright coloured spiky hair.

Just like the punk fashion, we also saw the rise of the hip-hop fashion with influencers like Tupac, MC Hammer, Public Enemy and many others. The pants were no longer baggy, but sagging. You had wide leg jeans, khakis, bomber jackets, baseball caps, tracksuits, locs glasses, snap-back hats that were usually worn backwards. Accessories like gold chains and sovereign rings were used to embellish the dressing.

The 90s fashion trends saw girls, especially those in college put on oversized tee shirts, sweaters and sweat shirts with a turtleneck underneath. They also wore mid-calf dresses with leggings which sometimes have a socks worn over it. Jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and hoodies have continued until today. The 1990s fashion also saw the mainstream adoption of body piercings and tattoos.

Fashion trends have always been recycled from previous decades. The Internet and satellite television have made fashion to become more globalised. This has brought in a homogeneity in styles that are used the world over.

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Now over to those who were opportuned to enjoy the fashion of the 90s and early 2000….what comes to mind? What brings in some nostalgia? Do share with us in the comments section below ?.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Such a cool post! So weird and crazy how styles come back. Definitely the frosted tips and chokers bring back memories. Never thought chokers would come back, but I do like how some people are wearing the 90s right now with the button down skirts and ringer t-shirts.

  2. Marysa says:

    I was in college in the 90’s, and this brings back a lot of memories! Definitely a trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lebogang Xolo says:

    My daughter is 14 now, obsessed with dungarees, cropped tops and checked shirts. It feels like nothing has changed because back then all I wanted to be was Aaliyah in those oversized dungarees.

  4. Thinking about the different trends in past years is crazy! The 90s seems so long ago in terms of fashion, but it really hasn’t been. I always think of 80s and 90s fashion when I see bright, fluorescent colors!


  5. Hoang Vi Fessenden says:

    I love the ripped jeans look so trendy and in! Keeps my looking young

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