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9 Things To Do This Christmas

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December 19, 2018
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December 22, 2018

9 Things To Do This Christmas

In my previous post, I talked about how you can do nice things to friends, loved ones and most of all strangers you don’t think you will ever meet again. A gesture of kindness to someone may just be the best thing to offer. We must have done some of the nice things I am going to list below.

Doing them again and again will make us happy. When we touch the lives of others in a positive way, it gives us warmth in our hearts. Our humility and generosity will bring happiness to many people as well as ourselves. Let’s see below some of the nice things we can offer to strangers this end of year.

1. Visit a nursing home

The old in nursing homes usually need assistance especially as they often have the feeling they are isolated or excluded. You can take along your children if you have. The elderly people benefit a lot from kids. Kids are usually happy too when they make a difference in the lives of older people. The children could also take along gifts for the residents. It could be handmade cards, beautiful drawings or anything made by them. A picture book will be ideal as older people love reading picture books with kids. Try this and you will see the smile you will put on their faces.

2. Smile at everyone you find around you

You may not know what the people you meet on this journey of life are going through. They may just need that smile to make their day. A smile is the cheapest thing you can offer someone. Smiles are very contagious and makes everyone around feel better and may smile back at you consciously or unconsciously.

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3. Help the homeless and share with them

Going out to help the homeless during Christmas especially with your family can cheer them up greatly. The homeless usually don’t have family or friends and the thought of Christmas to them may bring back memories of past Christmas. A lot of regrets you know! There is no family, no loved ones, no Christmas lunch, gifts and many other things. Paying a visit to them may bring about a great difference in their lives. You can help them out by volunteering or even donating a gift. There are many associations that collect gifts on behalf of the homeless during this period. You can search online and find one near you.

4. Volunteer at an orphanage

Do you plan to spend this Christmas in a splendid way? What a better way to enjoy this Christmas with some orphans. There is nothing as good as spending your holiday break volunteering in an orphanage. There are many volunteer programs that offer the support you may need in order to make your Christmas a memorable and impactful one.

5. Donate some of your stuff

Christmas is a period we share with others. A period where we show our charity to the have-nots or those who have less. If you can’t afford buying new gifts, you can donate some of the stuff you no longer need or use to those who need them. It may be your kid’s old toys or dresses. There are some people who even donate blood to a blood bank because they are on a shoestring budget. Someone somewhere you don’t know will be grateful for saving his/her life. There is nothing better than offering the gift of life to someone who is at the brink of death.

6. Hold or open the door for someone

Opening doors is not something that has to be done only to women to show how gentlemanly you are. When you get to the door and someone is behind you or you arrive in front of the door before someone, make sure you open the door or give way to the person first. Opening a door is a simple act, but can unlock a lot of good from the one benefiting. You may not know, but you will be surprised the way people take that gentle act of kindness. I usually say smiles open doors, but opening a door while smiling, unlock more than just doors. It touches the heart of the person benefiting.

7. Encourage someone

A kind word of encouragement can be a booster to someone. Offering encouragement to others is a great way of being part of a family, people or community. A kind word of encouragement can make someone realise (s)he is not alone. By encouraging others, you are showing recognition for what they are doing and showing that their efforts mean a lot to you. Take sometime and encourage someone today. It’s a worthwhile effort.

8. Start a conversation with someone besides you in a park

Some people go to the park at times to ponder about their lives. Some are in pain or having a bad time. Such people at times need someone to talk with – to share their problem or thoughts with them. Who knows? You might just be the right individual to this person at that point in time. Start a conversation with people, you may just be making a new friend or helping someone who needed company or someone to talk with.

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9. Say ‘thank you’ with a smile

These are just two simple words that has the power to change the way people look at you entirely. Saying ‘thank you’ makes you humble and shows how appreciative you are for others and things they do to you. It helps encourage compassion, love and kindness. It portrays how selfless you are. Alfred Painter – said ‘thank you’ is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.’

So what will you be doing this Christmas to make someone smile? Use the comments section below to tell us more. Do also subcribe for regular updates 

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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