6 Creative February 14 Ideas for Couples

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February 7, 2019
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6 Creative February 14 Ideas for Couples

February 14 which is Valentine’s Day is not just any ordinary day for some couples. It is that day where couples can share some of their romantic ideas with each other. No matter how long you’ve been together in your relationship, it is always a nice idea to do something fun on Valentine’s Day so as to rekindle your love and romance.

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For the post today I will be sharing some 6 creative Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your partner.

1. Prepare a meal together

Preparing a meal together at home will be just so romantic than going out to eat in a busy restaurant. You don’t need a chef-worthy-skill to make a memorable dinner. Simple things like pizza, cupcakes, strawberry pie and whatever you think is easy and best for you. Making finger foods in heart-shapes and feeding each other will up the romance.

2. Pen down something

Writing something using a pen is more romantic than typing it out. Writing is an art. I can remember those college days when I will carefully carve out words and draw hearts when sending love letters. One of such creative Valentine’s Day ideas maybe to make a handwritten book about your spouse – showing how thankful you are. Carve out every word with love and tell your partner how he or she is so special to you. It must not be a book – you can also do it by writing a letter as in the old days when you were young.

3. Think February 14, think chocolate

Usually referred to as the national holiday of chocolate, couples rarely resist chocolate on Valentine’s Day. You can make it more personal by ordering for a customise chocolate.

4. What about February 14 DIY presents

Even though I think Valentine’s Day should not be all about presents, a give-and-receive will be a little token of affection on the part of the couples. A DIY gift or a homemade card will be something special or even purchasing something your spouse had loved to have. You can have roses delivered to your spouse.

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5. Plan a date at a restaurant

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to re-live the dating days. You can make a date with your spouse in a restaurant you loved when you first met. Order some meal and try to replay the activities you did on that first magical date night. You can get pieces of paper and write down your favourite memories and share the list. It’ll be fun and romantic.

6. A romantic bath together is worthy

Place candles round your tub, sprinkle rose petals in the water and maybe put a tray of chocolate and a bottle of champagne not faraway. After a honeymoon-like bath together, you can spend the night watching romantic movies.

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