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6 Christmas Fun Activities For Kids

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December 9, 2018
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December 11, 2018

6 Christmas Fun Activities For Kids

Christmas without fun activities for your kids is no Christmas at all. In a previous post, I talked of how it is necessary for parents to include their children in Christmas fun activities. I will be sharing 6 Christmas fun activities you can carry out with your children and entire family this Christmas.

1. Building a snowman

Making a snowman is one of the most popular Christmas fun activity for kids especially for those who experience winter during the Christmas season. We all know the famous snowman by Frosty in the popular children’s song “Frosty the Snowman. Making one as part of your Christmas activity with your children will be very fun. A handful of snowballs packed tightly into shapes, use coal, rocks or buttons for the eyes, a carrot as the nose and curved twigs for the mouth and it will work magic for your kids. 

2. Making a Christmas tree

Christmas is rarely complete without a Christmas tree. Add that to your Christmas fun activities and include your children in the decorations. You can use an evergreen conifer like spruce, fir or pine or even buy an artificial tree. Along with your children, you can then decorate it the way you all want. It will be more fun if it is decorated with traditional ornaments like baubles, garlands, tinsel and candy. Don’t forget to give the pride of place to one of your kids to place the angel or star at the top of the tree. You can also tell them the story of what the star or angel represent. That is Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem that led the three wise men to the baby Jesus.

3. Fun Christmas Treats

This is where the kids get more and more excited. Christmas treats is one of the best for kids when it comes to Christmas fun activities. What comes first to my mind is the snowman and reindeer cookies which my kids love so much. When the designs include the things that are commonly associated with Christmas, it becomes more fun. Think of Olaf snacks, chocolate Christmas trees, pretzel reindeer, etc. You can try other creative designs. I am thinking of a chocolate Santa Claus this year. 🙂

4. Kids Christmas crafts

Rather than go for traditional toys, you can encourage your kids to make their own. It is quite easy, less costly and will be an interesting Christmas fun activity. They can decorate character ornaments from used plastics like a snowman, Christmas treat jars, snow globes and many others.

5. How about a snowball race?

The Christmas holiday provides a great opportunity for kids to have a great time participating in Christmas fun activities. You can organise a snowball race with your kids. If you don’t want to go out in the cold, you may use a Styrofoam or any other thing that can represent a real snow. You let the kids balance the item on a spoon and race around the room or any designated area without them spilling it.

6. Play Christmas games with your kids

There are many games out there that you can join in with your kids to make Christmas fun. Go for games that inspire them and get creative juice flowing. Some simple and fun games include Christmas bingo, stacking cups, Christmas memory games and many more. You can also download holiday party games to print and play.

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Christmas is fun with family and should not only respect the religious part of christmas but also the fun part. We should teach our kids that Christmas is also about caring and sharing with others. We can also take them out to visit our old relatives and friends, the homeless, neighbours and orphanages during this period of Christmas. 

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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