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5 Best Family Outing Destinations in London – 2019 Guide

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January 28, 2019
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February 7, 2019

5 Best Family Outing Destinations in London – 2019 Guide

You may have been planning a family outing in London but do not really know where you can visit. There are stunning parks for picnics, world-class museums worth seeing, picturesque streets with stunning views and other awe-inspiring attractions where you can make good value of your money.

1. Brockwell Park Walled Garden

Located at the Herne Hill and Tulse Hill in south London, the Brockwell Park is an outstanding park with a skyline view of Central London. It hosts about 4 million people yearly. The park is listed as one of the The National Heritage List for England because of its heritage value. It is one of the best places for your family outing.

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2. British Museum

If you are looking for a museum with a kid-friendly attitude for your family outing, then the British Museum is where you can spend time with your kids. The world-class museum has well-known exhibits like the Egyptian mummies, the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone. You can become a museum explorer by taking a fascinating discovery journey around the museum while you find the amazing treasures and enchanting stories of different people around the world.

3. Holland Park & Kyoto Garden

If you’ve been looking for that earthly paradise for your family outing and London is your choice, then the beautiful gardens and crystal clear waterfalls of the Holland Park is a compelling destination. The fresh air, the unique Japanese-style landscapes, the greenery are what you will need when you escape the city’s hustle and bustle for a perfect relaxation with your family.

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4. Harry Potter: Warner Brothers Studio Tour

There is hardly a child aged 4 and above who will not love to have a wizardly adventure. The Harry Potter and Warner Brothers Studio in Leavesden, about 20 miles North of London where the Harry Potter movies were filmed is the place to take them. The children will have the chance to explore the Hogwarts dining room, Dumbledore’s office, 4 Privet Drive, Forbidden Forest and Dark Arts where they will practice wand magic. Each tour session lasts about 3 hours and can handle more than 6000 visitors daily.

5. The National Portrait Gallery

Do you have a child or children who love arts and crafts? If yes, then a family outing at the National Portrait Gallery will let you explore one of the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary photographic portrait and portrait paintings. You will find the most extensive collection of portraits around the world with more than 200,000 from the Tudors till now. They have all-age talks, workshops, tours, performances, music and other activities.

We will be updating this post as we discover more. Stay connected and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Share with friends and family who may be looking for a place to spend time with their family in London.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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