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20 Things To Do When Bored

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April 4, 2020
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April 13, 2020

20 Things To Do When Bored

Tired of sitting indoors? Looking for tips and ideas on how to get you going during this lockdown?

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you 20 things to help pick yourself up and carry on when bored.

  1. Use Netflix

Currently, Netflix is the best option for amazing videos and movies. Get the popcorn ready, snuggle up with your family and get lost in a nice movie or documentary.

2. Create Photo Collage

This is an exciting task to get that clock ticking. Just pick the fantastic photos of your love ones, family members, best and close friends, or any other person and start creating a collage. There are several apps to help you get this done.

3. Read a Book

We’ve got so much time on our hands. There’s no excuse for not catching up on your reading list during this period of lockdown. Read a book, journal, magazine, and any other storybooks to get some vital information you did not know before. So, choose this activity as an amazing one.

4. Look at the Photos and Videos on Your Phone Memory

Relive all those beautiful moments with your loved ones. Watch all their silly jokes and remember to share these memories with them such they can relive the experience too.

5. Shop online

 Get yourself a delivery slot and top up on some of your home essentials. This is a fantastic thing to do if you’re self-isolating. Go online and search for your desired products and start shopping according to your needs. It gives more fun and curiosity as well.

6. Write a letter to your future self

Just start writing the beautiful words to your future self especially things you don’t want to share with any other person. Everyone has desires and some dreams for the future. Enjoy the warmth of this process and remember to keep this in a safe place. This activity is the best one. Think of some of the things you’ll love to do after the lockdown, family to see and hugs etc

7. Enjoy a relaxing bath

Give yourself a long and extended bath with warm water and your favourite bath bubble to lower your worries and stress levels. A Bath will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed and will improve your sleep/rest hours.

8. Playing games

Most people like to play games, while others do not. Which category do you belong? There’s no doubt that playing games such as scrabble, chess and bingo are the best activities to keep your mind ticking and engaged. Sit in your home and play board games, mobile games, and online games according to your desires.

9. Video call to your BFF

Do not just sit in one place and get drowned by the negative thoughts. Make a video call to your best friend forever. You can also make a group call to your friends or do a watch party to catch up on how everyone is coping during this pandemic. This activity is fantastic to get you closer to love ones and friends and you’ll realise everyone is struggling in one way or the other. Use facetime, skype and zoom.

10. Try some new hairstyles

Try new hairstyles. Just search out your selected hairstyle on YouTube and start practicing on your hair infront of your mirror. After 2-3 trials, you will surely get a grip on the hairstyle. In this way, you can get more hairstyle ideas for the future.

11. Clear out the wardrobe

We’ve all got those clothes and shoes in the closet that has never be worn for years! Use this period of lockdown to catchup and clear your wardrobe. Some can go to charity after the lockdown?

12. Dress Up and Take photos

We’ve all got access to smartphones. Why not dress up and take photos of your time in lockdown. This is could be an excellent 2020 memorabilia.

13. Exercise

Exercise makes the brain active and sharper. It will also help in maintaining your weight and improve your mood. So, try to add some exercise in your day whenever you can. There are lots of free dance classes online or check on YouTube.

14. Get some DIY things

Get your creative juices flowing. I’ve seen people using coloured chalks to turn their driveways into a rainbow walk, teachers using ribbons to make fancy dresses etc. DIY creative ideas on YouTube and get yourself some much needed fun. The kids will love this activity. Take photos too and share with their teachers to inspire and support other homeschooling parents.

15. Start a blog

Yes, you can also start your blog amongst other things. Chose the niche which you like the most and create the blog. Add some unique content with an amazing theme that attracts the user. I am no expert, but I can offer some guidance if you need more information on this.

You can also start to write a book! Yes, it is possible. Wish me luck as I am hoping to use my evenings and weekends to commence the writing of my first book!

16. Make a list of annoying tasks

No doubt, many tasks are annoying, especially when a person feels (S)he is unable to do it. When you’re alone and feeling bored, just start making the list of these annoying tasks and see how to get them done or ask for help.

17. Try some easy recipes

Yes, this is another fantastic task to keep you going. Just go into your kitchen, open the cupboards, get some items out and start making some easy and yummy dishes which you like the most. This is a great opportunity to involve your kids as well.

18. Dance it out

Yes, you can do it. You don’t need to be a good dancer. Just get your dance or gym outfit on, music on and dance to the beats and have fun. Shake off the stress and have a good time.

19. Learn a new language

We learn everyday irrespective of age. Learning a new language is one of the best activities during this lockdown. Fancy some French? Spanish? Let goggle help you search for an online eBook or tutor.

20. Do some redecoration in your bedroom

You can redecorate your room to look amazing and eye-catching. Search ideas online, browse online shops, catalogues and Pinterest for some inspiration.


Let’s be creative during this period of social distancing and quarantine. Use what you’ve got. Stay safe, have fun and try out some of the activities mentioned in this post to keep you going. We’re in this together.

I am here if you need a chat. Just drop me an email.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


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