20 Encouraging Words to Say to Your Child

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20 Encouraging Words to Say to Your Child

What are the words you say to your child that can be qualified as positive? Of course there should be encouraging words – words that are supportive and productive. As a parent, we need to use words that help inculcate a sense of self-esteem, determination, independence and self-reliance to our children.

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Don’t make the mistake of heaping excessive and insincere praises thinking they are encouraging words. That will be a big mistake. Flattery words to your child can be potentially damaging and counterproductive in the future. In order not to distance your child away from you, always avoid using words that could be authoritarian and abusive.

Words will be more powerful if it’s followed by taking action. Let me share with you some encouraging words that could instill a positive spirit in children when they meet challenges in their life. It will make them to be independent, not to give up and never to get discouraged. Below are 20 encouraging words to always say to kids when they feel they have failed.

1. I’m grateful for you did your best

2. You should be so proud of yourself

3. Don’t give up

4. You did your best, keep working hard

5. You can always try again 

6. It’s just a mistake, I know you will learn from it

7. You are capable of doing it

8. I admire what you just did

9. It’s normal, don’t be worried

10. I love that

11. Always say “thank you” and “please”

12. Your ideas are great, keep on

13. You make me proud

14. Don’t be afraid of failure, you will always learn from them

15. You did your best, keep trying

16. You can still fix it, I know

17. I trust you will do your best

18. Don’t worry, you will do it one day

19. You can do it!

20. I Love You!

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We always find difficulties in many things we do in life. Our children will face the same problem. Saying such encouraging words to them will help them to stand strong in the difficult and trying moments in their lives. Don’t forget humans usually give back what they get, so mind what you say to your children for that is what they will say to others and their own children as well.

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Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
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