Words are powerful as they can make or break someone. I am slowly getting into the habit of using a lot of encouraging and kind words to myself as well as others. How we speak to self/others matters a lot. Remember we can be our very best friend as well as our worst enemy. Let’s try and be mindful of how we talk to self and others.

I know we live in a very fast paced society. We rush to get a train to work or school during our daily commute. We do have a lot going on these days. Even in the supermarket we rather use the self-service for checkout such we don’t get to wait on a queue as it might be too slow for us. All our etiquettes are a very distant memory. I so worry for our kids and the next generation.

Another communication dampener is the mobile phone. We tend to chat a lot online these days and  the person sitting next to us might feel neglected or left out. Don’t you miss those days before our mobile phones became so popular? Those days when we value human connection more than anything else? Those days we look for every reason to visit and spend time with someone just because we can’t get them off our minds?

In the article today, I’ll be sharing some kind words and phrases we could use more often to encourage love and concern to those around us.

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1. You Matter

2. You are enough

3. You are beautiful

4. You are smart

5. You are important to those around you

6. You are a work in progress and that is ok

7. You are kind

8. You are witty and funny

9. You are amazing

10. You are caring

11. You are supportive

12. You are capable

13. You are independent

14. You are versatile

15. You have a lovely temperament

Remember it doesn’t cost a penny to put a smile on someone’s face. There is so much pain already in the world. It’ll be nice for us to add value and meaning to those we meet on this journey of life. Be the sort of person everyone likes to meet and spend time with. You are not just going to make them feel better about themselves but you will also feel good about yourself in the process.

I know for a fact that when we are feeling good about ourselves, we tend to reflect that on others because happiness is felt from within. 

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