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10 Ways to Sleep Better Naturally

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April 21, 2020
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April 29, 2020

10 Ways to Sleep Better Naturally

I cannot sleep, is an expression that is commonly heard and seen daily around the world. Insomnia is a condition which occurs due to the stresses of today’s life, routines, and habits.

So, what can I do to sleep better?

The post today will highlight my most frequently used approaches to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep. I don’t know about you but this lady loves her sleep! If I do not get a proper rest, I tend to be very grumpy, so you would not like to hang around me. Here is what I do to sleep better naturally…

1. Natural infusions

Some teas and natural infusions are recommended to combat insomnia since it favours relaxation and sleep. Amongst them are camomile, ginger and mint.

Camomile tea is my favourite. I tend to infuse 2 teabags for about 5 minutes to get a stronger taste and flavour. You can add honey if you have got a sweet tooth. Enjoy your hot cuppa while watching a nice movie to unwind just before bed.

2. Warm milk with honey

Milk sweetened with honey is one of the most used grandmother’s remedies. All you have to do is heat a cup of milk, add a tablespoon of honey and drink it before bed. This is so yummy and will leave you feeling loved and pampered.

3. Warm/Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower before going to sleep is great for relaxing your body and freeing yourself from all the stress of the day. This will help you fall asleep more easily too.

4. Music therapy

Music works for everything, even to help us sleep better. Choose a relaxing music playlist and listen to it before going to bed. Ideally, listen to classical music or sounds of nature. This helps your nervous system relax, and you can fall asleep more easily.

5. Meditation

Meditation can help you to get and achieve a good, deep, and well-deserved rest/sleep. If you are beginner in the subject of meditation or you still find it difficult to harmonise or calm down, you can listen to guided meditations that help you in this purpose. In addition to sleeping better, you will notice that your life improves in many other aspects.

6. Relaxing massages

This option is ideal for those who have a partner or who live with someone else. A massage with essential oils will help relax your muscles and offer you a pleasant feeling of well-being. This will help you fall asleep more easily.

7. Read

Choose a book and read it before bed. The idea is that you dedicate the last 30 or 40 minutes of your day to reading, so your mind will change radically, you will forget the problems of the day, and it will be easier for you to sleep better.

8. Aromatherapy

Lavender in a basket

The stimulation of the senses is usually a great help to calm your nervous system and help you sleep better. This is the reason aromatherapy is commonly used to treat sleep problems.

9. Goodbye to mobile devices!

We all know that sleeping near phones and mobile devices substantially affects our sleep. I am so guilty with this! The ideal is to move any device away from your bedroom. If possible, the best thing you can do is turn them off and leave them in another room. I tend to put mine on the night mode with no ring tone.

10. Techniques for managing stress

The stress of everyday life is the stone in our shoes hindering us to have a good night’s sleep. Our bed/bedroom is the worst place to carry our issues and problems to. It should be the most tranquil and peaceful place.

Try to incorporate some of the techniques mentioned in this post during the day so as to free yourself from stress and worry and you will notice that your sleeping pattern will improve incredibly.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. Gemma says:

    Some great ideas here. I also find drinking camomile tea and taking a warm bath before bed are effective ways to unwind. Plus, they are good for the gut too and as a gut health blogger (at https://the gut choice.com) that’s so important to me.

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