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10 little tricks to get rid of stress in minutes

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May 27, 2020
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June 1, 2020

10 little tricks to get rid of stress in minutes

There are many techniques which encourages us to relax, especially when we do not have the time and the possibilities of having a session of Thai massage or transcendental meditation to recharge our batteries. Some of these 10 little tricks to get rid of stress can be done in a few minutes, in between your meetings or while taking care of the kids.

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It is the end of another week, and all you might be thinking of is to spend some relaxing time with your family away from everything but with the lockdown still in place, I will be sharing 10 simple but practical tips and tricks to help you to release your body and mind from any accumulated tensions and get rid of stress in minutes.

If what you are after is a quick fix to the stress that has been accumulating in the last few hours, the following actions in this post will help you:

1. Breathe deeply.

It seems so obvious, but it is so easily forgotten, that surely everyone who reads this will have already heard it countless times. Give yourself a chance. Deep breathing reduces tension and releases stress due to increased oxygen load.

Take in a deep breathe in the count of 4, hold for 4 seconds and exhale in the count of 4. Do this 4 times a day to help rid your body from accumulated stress and tension

2. Visualize.

A small visualization will help you regain your focus. The ‘guided imagery’ of a relaxing or enjoyable image for a few minutes will help to eliminate the ‘noise’ and tension that may dominate you at the time. You can even imagine yourself achieving a goal or on your next vacation. What matters is that you like what you imagine and manage to detach yourself for a few minutes from the chaos that surrounds you.

3. Get away from the screen.

The uninterrupted use of computers is linked to stress, loss of sleep, and depression in women, as according to a study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Even in this study, it was found that computer use at night is associated with stress in both men and women. In the office or at home, move away from the screen for a few minutes and repeat this action several times a day.

4. Use this Naam Yoga trick.

Apply pressure to space in your palm where your index and middle fingers meet, to feel an immediate sense of calm, as suggested by Sharon Melnick, author of the book Success Under Stress. Take the test, and you will see results.

5. Turn off your mobile phone.

Disconnect for a few minutes. The world will not end because you have your mobile phone turned off, but you will get a feeling of calm and less urgency, knowing that somethings will and can work without you.

6. Brush your hair.

It is not a joke. Not only does this repetitive action helps you to relax, it will serve to massage your scalp, loaded with nerve endings. If before they recommended you brushing your hair 10 times a day to make it look silky or tangle-free, this time, try to do it to release tension.

7. Put cold water on your wrists and behind your ears.

When it is about to explode, go to the bathroom and wet your wrists (just where the perfume is placed) with cold water and behind the earlobe. There, significant arteries pass, so by refreshing these areas, it helps calm the rest of the body.

8. Play classical music

Possibly one of the best-known tactics. Maybe not everyone likes classical music, but it is about dealing with stress, and this type of music has a calming effect, it helps lower your pulse, and blood pressure.

9. Chewing gum.

Chewing gum not only helps the aroma of your breathe, but it decreases anxiety, helps you to be more alert, and reduces stress according to a 2018 study at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia.

10. Perform progressive muscle relaxation.

Start from your feet and visualize each part of your body and how they release tension. Progressively climb up to the head. Imagine that your muscles are knotted and release them. The final feeling is relaxing. It is a technique that is used even in patients with depression or anxiety disorders.

Was this post useful to you? Would love to know in the comments section below.

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Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Yvette Mayemelle Kaba
Founder of UIC | Wife | Mum of Two | Inspirational Writer | Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneur


  1. These are great tips! Visualization is something I discovered recently and it’s really helped me positively.

  2. Claire says:

    Such great tips! I’ve been trying progressive muscle relaxation at night and I do think it helps me sleep better.

  3. Natalie says:

    A great round up, some tips I already use but some I will definitely be trying, I love the sound and simplicity of the yoga one.

  4. Gemma says:

    Thanks for sharing some really practical and interesting tips. I still struggle with taking a break from my laptop screen – sometimes I can just get so absorbed in what I’m doing that I forget. But, you’ve really opened my eyes to some new techniques that I think will help. I am especially intrigued by the Naam Yoga trick and brushing hair for relaxation – who’d have known!

    Gemma 🙂

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