The Power of a Smile

“His charming smile makes me to keep going to buy from his shop. Even when I know he may not have what I want, I still go to his shop to get a taste of his smile that usually makes my day. The whole neighbourhood is aware of it. His shop always has a queue even when other stalls around him may not have any customer”…Conversation between two friends on the coach this morning.

This got me thinking on how a smile can make your business to thrive. A smile is one of the best service a customer needs. I know very well this is what every customer service attendant is told to do – always smile at your customers. Maybe you don’t know the power of a smile. This always-smiling attitude made me to come out with some points on how smiling can be helpful to you personally as well as how it can help make your business to thrive.

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Smiling Helps Boost Performance

Smiling reduces your cortisol output which helps you to relax. A relaxed mind helps improves the brain performance and builds your immune system. This means you are healthy and if you smile more, you will stay healthier. Staying healthy is very important for the success of your business.

The More You Smile, the More You Become Attractive

Your image as a businesswoman or entrepreneur should be everything that matters to you. Smiling makes people to see you as someone who is positive, lively and not boring. When you smile, you look more vibrant, confident and positive. This makes your customers, staff or other entrepreneurs to feel at ease and enjoy your company. Smiling also lifts up our face and makes us look younger.

Enhance Your Business With Smiles

If the first thing you give a customer is a genuine smile to welcome them, then it will make them leave with a very good impression about your business. Maybe you should train your frontline staff to always offer a warm and welcoming smile to every customer that shows up. This will let the customers know they are acknowledged and that you are caring.

So this practice of smiling should not only be the task of the frontline staff but for every staff member. Just imagine your company is referred to as the company that everyone smiles. Smiles makes you credible and people become more confident being around you. When you give a genuine smile, it shows your level of warmth and positivity.

Smiles Can Make Deals Happen

Smiling is one of the first thing sales persons have to learn. You can catch business deals just by smiling. A friend of mine who is a salesman said smiles can be heard even on phone. This is because your voice intonation changes when you smile behind the phone.

Smiling as a Mood Booster

Each time you smile, you feel better. This is because when you smile, the hormone serotonin is released which makes you to feel happy and in a good mood. When you smile, people tend to look at you as a nicer person to be around with. Both your customers and staff are appreciative of you. Having a good mood means you are much likely going to engage positively with your customers and staff. Give that smile out, it’s not only healthy for you, but healthy for your business too.

Smiling Good for Your Health

Smiling as we know has some therapeutic effects. Science has shown that smiling helps to reduce the release of stress hormone like dopamine and adrenaline while on the other hand helps to increase the release of mood enhancing and health promoting hormones. Smiling helps lower blood pressure and makes your immune system more strong as it increases the white blood cells that help fight off infections and viruses. Smile-up your health and keep your business alive.

Use Smiles to Build Long Lasting Relationships

Smiles bring about genuine and healthy relationships. When you give a smile to someone, it tells the person that you like him/her. When talking to someone and the person smiles, this tells you the person is enjoying the conversation and thus encourages you.

When you just meet someone for the first time, a smile will tell the person that you are happy to see them. When you smile all the time like the shop owner I mentioned above, then it will make you more approachable by your customers and staff. When you smile, you are more trusted than those who don’t smile. Smiling with your customers will for the first time give a good impression and encourage dialogue.

Make Smiling Part of Your Business Culture

If you make smiling a part of your business’ culture, the rewards will be enormous including productivity of your team. Smiles will help give a better impression about your business. Keep smiling your business’ health. They say health is wealth, hence if your business is healthy, your wealth too will be healthy.

Smile doesn’t cost a thing. Do spread lots of it today and everyday.

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